4 Signs You Need a Graphics VA

4 Signs You Need a Graphics VA 1

As a business owner, you’ve thought long and hard about your business’s mission, its values, and its personality.  With the right branding, you communicate what your business does and it’s intended audience. Your branding reassures customers you’re the best person for them to work with.  But if your visuals aren’t right for your business, then your branding will fall flat on its face and make your job harder to do.

Bad branding will repel potential customers. They won’t sign up for your mailing list or buy your products or even share your posts on social media making marketing your business really tough. Instead, they’ll give their time and attention to your competition and you’ll spend a lot of time musing upon what they do, instead of what you don’t.

Here Are the 4 Signs You Need a Graphics VA

1. You don’t know what your ‘brand’ is.

Maybe you’re just starting your business or maybe you’ve been doing business for years but you’ve never given much thought to your brand. Your brand is your business’s personality. It’s how people will know your services from someone who thinks they do the same thing. Whatever your reason, now’s the time to start focusing on the message you want to share with your audience.

A virtual assistant who is experienced with graphics will help you communicate your brand through visual storytelling. This means your design VA is going to ask plenty of questions about your brand and how you want potential customers to feel about it and then turn your answers into gorgeous images.

Think about the questions you’re being asked carefully. The branding work you and your graphics VA do will shape the future of your business.

Sign #2: Your brand is going through a growth spurt.

Every business goes through periods of growth. It might be that you finally have clarity on which services to offer or you may have decided to niche down and serve only customers that match your criteria.

As your brand grows, it makes sense to hire a graphics VA. Your graphics specialist can help you maintain the elements of your brand that you’re known for while blending in your new direction.

Sign #3: You don’t know how to use graphic software.

Photo editing sites like Picmonkey or Canva are great for simple blog post images or social media pictures. But they’re not good for more intensive design projects like creating your logo or making an e-book cover.

A graphics VA doesn’t have the steep learning curve that you face. They already know how to use the software and can quickly and easily create attention grabbing graphics. You get the benefit of your VAs specialism without having to spend several frustrating hours learning how to use the clunky software, or fall down the rabbit hole of stock photo sites.

Sign #4: You don’t have time to create your graphics.

Maybe you’ve always had an artistic flare, so you would know how to create your own graphics.  When you have the design skills but lack the time, you need to consider outsourcing this task.

You don’t have to outsource all of your graphics right away.

You can start by outsourcing a few blog post images or social media photos. As you get more comfortable with your graphics VA you can begin outsourcing bigger tasks like creating e-book covers,  tweaking your logo or creating an infographic.

A talented design VA will help you clarify and communicate your brand. Choose one that “gets” what you do, and then interview her. You’ll find that you’ll enjoy your business so much more when you don’t waste hours trying to create scroll stopping images.

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