8 Things to Ask Before You Hire Your First Freelancer

Hire Your First Freelancer

Woo hoo! You’ve decided to hire a freelancer to help you manage your workload. Well done. This is a big step towards financial freedom and getting your life back. However, you’re not sure what to ask your freelancer before you hire them. In this article, I’m sharing with you some of the most common things you will need to ask your freelancer so you can work out if they’re right for you.

1.What does your normal workflow look like?

A good freelancer should be able to tell you what their process looks like from start to finish. Asking this question will ensure you’re choosing a freelancer who knows not only how to start a project, but see it through to completion. This is also a good place to find out what project management tools they use to keep things on track.

2.What’s the best project you worked on?

This gives you a great insight into how your freelancer works. For example, your freelancer may say they enjoyed being a big part of the creative process. This may indicate someone who can offer plenty of innovative suggestions about your tasks.

3.What’s your strongest skill?

A good freelancer knows their biggest strength and often uses it to their advantage. A skilled writer might tell you that they can both entertain and educate readers with their words. A freelancer who loves graphics will talk about how they delight their audience with their visuals.

4.What’s your preferred communication method?

Your freelancer might prefer email. Some will be most active on Skype. Make sure you choose a freelancer that will communicate with you frequently if this is what you need. Find out if they take ad-hoc calls or if you need to book in a time slot.

5.Will you be available for future projects?

If you enjoy completing this project with your freelancer, you’ll want to continue working together. Ask in advance if your freelancer will have time for more projects after this one is completed.

6.When do you consider a project completed?

You want to hire someone who can stick around to make revisions or changes if needed. A good freelancer doesn’t mark your project as done until you’re completely satisfied with the results you received. Find out how many revisions if you’re asking for creative work.

7. What material, if any, do you need from my business?

If your freelancer will need materials from you to do their job, now’s the time to bring it up. If you don’t have access to the materials, get in touch with someone that can forward the needed content to your freelancer. You may need a budget for images, music or other sundry items. You will need to confirm ownership of the copyright etc, and you’ll love how our outsourcing contracts help with this.

8. What are your business hours?

It’s important to know up front when your freelancer will be available. Do keep in mind that a freelancer who’s transitioning from another job into full-time freelancing may only be available in the evenings or on weekends, and confirm which timezone they’re in if they’re not living in your home country.

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