About KoffeeKlatch


See why KoffeeKlatch is the place for you!

You want the people and compliance side of your business integrated with the way you work and how you make a profit in your business.

You don’t want to have to read lots of manuals or read lots of paperwork or follow other people’s ‘rules’ and policies.

You work hard but you are getting buried in ‘compliance’ information and it is making it hard for you to run your business and make a profit.

It can feel overwhelming trying to run a business and sort out the people and compliance side at the same time.

So we created KoffeeKlatch where we can support you together and reduce the cost per client. We work with VAs, Trainers/Coaches, Hospitality businesses and other modern service sector businesses.

Focused on people who outsource to freelancers and the freelancers creating teams to service those people we are used to small lean enterprises who lean into friends and family as well as freelancers to support your growth.

If you are using freelancers as part of your business journey – or plan to have associates some time soon, KoffeeKlatch is the place for you.

Why the name KoffeeKlatch?

KoffeeKlatch is a German word that has spread throughout the world meaning a group of people who meet to talk over coffee. That discussion can be about politics, or business, or just gossip. In warmer climates people chat around the water cooler.

The history of business is closely mixed up with the history of coffee. Lloyds of London was founded in a coffee house and the world we know today would be very different if it weren’t for coffee and business. We continue that wonderful tradition by helping you to get value from the people you pay.  It all starts with a conversation. 

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Koffee Klatch is your one-stop contract shop for small business contracts. If you’ve scrolled down the page and not seen the contract you’re looking for then please visit our full contract store. 

With hundreds of business contracts designed for entrpreneurs, trainers, VAs and Coaches.