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Core team

KoffeeKlatch is a trading name of KoffeeKlatch Ltd formed in 2023 to give KoffeeKlatch its own legal identity and dedicated team, independent of Irenicon Ltd – the company that founded the brand.

The KoffeeKlatch Team 1

Annabel Kaye

Founder and Director

Annabel co-founded Irenicon in 1980 and during the last 40+ years, managed to juggle being a mother to her two children with advising clients on everything to do with the tough side of HR.

After discovering a fascination of freelancing, virtual teams and the changing way in which people work, Annabel founded the  KoffeeKlatch brand in 1989 specifically to address the new way we work today.  The KoffeeKlatch brand recently transitioned to KoffeeKlatch Ltd.  

There is a big gap between the law, people’s expectations, and what can actually work. Despite the fact that she reads a lot of legal jargon, Annabel likes to bring a flexible and practical approach to solving problems.

An adviser, coach, mentor, consultant, trainer, and professional speaker; both in-person and virtual events, Annabel loves helping you get your mind around contracts and compliance without giving you a headache!

Jo Brianti Headshot

Jo Brianti

Director and GDPR specialist

The KoffeeKlatch Team 3

Jo Brianti is a qualified Data Processing Officer and GDPR specialist with a strong background in business automation and tech.  She is also a school governor and has two children.  

She has worked closely with KoffeeKlatch for years on data privacy issues and is now bringing her expertise closer in-house to help ensure our data privacy agreements, forms, and training stay up-to-date (and easy to use) in a rapidly changing environment.

Jo also offers consulting, training, and advice on GDPR to a wide variety of businesses.

Her practical focus and expertise will strengthen the KoffeeKlatch team and add to the mix of skills that go into creating your documents

Editorial Board

Writing legal documents that make commercial and emotion sense is a bit of a dark art.    We have asked three special experts to form an Editorial Board to help us create the clearest, shortest, most relevant documents we can.

The extra depth of experience and additional skill sets will help us take the KoffeeKlatch work forwards and help us make each round of legal updates into clearer and more useful documents and support.

The KoffeeKlatch Team 5

Christopher Head

Legal Consultant​

Christopher qualified as a barrister in 1976.  He has been specialising in employment and contract law for more than 40 years.

He was general counsel/company secretary of a listed PLC  responsible for making deals and contracts across the world.

Christopher’s expertise helps make KoffeeKlatch’s contracts stand out from the rest.


The KoffeeKlatch Team 7

Sarah Fox

500-word lawyer

Sarah’s expertise is in construction contracts – she has even reduced them to just 500 words.

While we don’t think KoffeeKlatch contracts are going to get quite that short anytime soon, we welcome her unique expertise in making legal documents understandable, accessible and usable.

The KoffeeKlatch Team 9

William Buist

Building Better Business

William’s background in the insurance sector and risk analysis gives him an excellent perspective on what we do.

His long experience of helping entrepreneurs figure out their business processes and models makes him the ideal person to facilitate the Editorial Board meetings and to help us to develop the most effective resources possible for our customers.

Jackie Barrie

Jackie Barrie


Jackie specialises in making complex information appear simple. That means translating our long-winded legalese into plain English and ensuring that all our messages are clear.

She’s been working with us since the earliest versions of our contracts, and her expertise in writing without waffle continues to add the magic touch to our written communications.

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