Freelance teams are not always easy

Time for an intervention?

What would it be worth to your business to just get on with what needs to be done without worrying about whether the people you pay are going to do what they should?

What if you could rely on your freelance team to do what you paid them to do?

Freelancers can drive you crazy sometimes

Freelancers can drive you crazy sometimes


Hell is other people‘ – Satre

We’ve all had days like that.  From freelancer to employee, things can go wrong sometimes -even in the best run businesses.

If you are spending  a lot of time worrying about that freelancer you pay

– or doing their work again

– or not getting what you paid for – you are holding your business back.

The longer this goes on, the more money, time and energy this will have cost you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to change that?

 Freelance or employee?

But its not all about the bad days – sometimes you need another intelligent mind to map out the options available to you and help you plan the way you really want to go.   From automation to outsourcing, from freelancers to employees, there are so many options.  How do you really know what is best for you and your business?

KoffeeKlatch interventions are

  • tactical advice at the critical stages
  • by skilled employment law and HR people who have been around the block
  • linked to your business objectives
  • when you want them – no annual or long term contract
  • just for you no heavy handed paperwork or processes designed to suit someone else
  • effective support with a light touch

If you pay someone on a freelance basis – you have chosen a business model that takes a light touch.  Knowing how to set it up, how to manage it, and what to look out for are crucial skills.

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