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Outsourcing is the answer

Outsourcing You work hard and you know you need to be outsourcing more. Before you do, there are some things you need to do. It is very easy to work with people that don't deliver what you want when you want it - and worse still to find that you have tax liabilities, or no full rights to your logos, product designs and more. Learning from your own experience can be frustrating, painful and time-consuming. Wouldn't it be great to learn from other people's experience?

Why not learn from people who know how to do it?

We've been helping busy people like you since 1980.   When it comes to the ins and outs of contracting and managing your people we have so much experience we have a whole host of ways to help you avoid problems and create something resilient and appropriate that works for your business.  

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Why Did We Call it KoffeeKlatch?


KoffeeKlatch is a German word that has spread throughout the world meaning a group of people who meet to talk over coffee. That discussion can be about politics, or business, or just gossip. In warmer climates people chat around the water cooler. The history of business is closely mixed up with the history of coffee. Lloyds of London was founded in a coffee house and the world we know today would be very different if it weren’t for coffee and business. We continue that wonderful tradition by helping you to get value from the people you pay.  It all starts with a conversation. If you feel that you need to get the freelancing and outsourcing side of your business lined up properly  - talk to us. Call us on 020 3887 0500 (local rate charges) and have a cup of coffee with us.

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