GDPR for Accountants

GDPR is a process not a deadline

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GDPR & Accountants

You’ve heard a lot of talk about GDPR and want to know how to prepare your business for it. There’s a lot of chatter, but not a lot of facts or helpful advice. You’ve asked for support on Data Protection and GDPR support at an affordable price and no one has the answer or solutions you need. Until now…

We are working in groups around similar types of business so that you can get the benefit of support without paying for it all on your own.

Will help you get ready for GDPR.

Current price £160+VAT for one year’s group membership.

Integrate GDPR with the way you work today.

Created for the online way you work today by people who understand the difficulties you face working with clients who range from those with strict data policies to those who have no idea about this.

Get your accounting business on the right track for GDPR

This series of group trainings and support comes with a year’s membership of the dedicated Facebook group.

You’ll love the:

  • Videos and webinars designed to help you get your mind around the jargon and the concepts
  • Checklists and exercises you can apply to your business
  • Group support and discussions to help you as you implement the changes you need to make
  • Help to handle your data, your clients’ data, and working with associates
  • A group working through GDPR issues and focussing on how you actually work
  • One year’s membership of the dedicated Facebook support group – time to get ready and get started with the new rules

Would you like to be confident about how to handle GPDR?

Unless you like reading government policy documents or sitting in on long webinars which never get to the point, you are probably already confused about what you need to do and how you need to handle it.

Join us for our regular updates, exercises and planning sessions and get it done

How much is your time worth?

If you spend  one day struggling with this and get nowhere, how much will this cost you?   You will still be risking non-compliance and fines at the end of it all.

How much is the fine for a data protection breach?

You will see people talking about 20 million Euro fines.


We are not in the business of scaring you.   The scale of fines relates to the size of organisation, the scale and severity of the breach and what type of information was compromised.  It is unlikely the average business is going to be fined a million euros!


Even so, the level of fines is increasing, and the bad publicity from a data breach would hurt any business.


Many finance-related businesses have mostly stayed out the firing line up to now, as it has been the ‘data controller’ who is liable for breaches.  Your corporate client was responsible for securing the data they shared with you.  But from May 2018, the ‘data processor’ is also liable.  This will affect many accountants, IFAs and other financial experts.  You will need to update how you handle your own data and data that comes from clients you support.

You don’t want to lose money in fines.   And you may find your customers are not keen to trust you with their data if you have a track record of mishandling it.

How do you build a business that handles data properly?

This is a ‘basic’ level product which means one year in our dedicated Facebook support group.   There will also be a Standard option available which gives an extra year in the Facebook group.    You can upgrade later if you wish.

You will get:

  1. One year’s member of a dedicated Facebook group for you sorting out data protection
  2. Focussed getting-ready process that is for your industry and recognises the way you work today
  3. Videos, forms, workbooks designed to help you get ready
  4. Support on how to handle your own data, client data and bringing associates into a secure way of working
  5. Support and questions answered in the Facebook group
  6. Practical tips based on the KoffeeKlatch documents you may already use.

Save yourself a lot of time and worry and join us today

What Our Customers Say…

I got great comments from a customer who signed my training contract. They emailed me and said – “It’s refreshing to see such a thorough and well thought through contract ” . They sent it back signed with the same email.

Shelley FishelThe IT Training Surgery

Taking on my first associate was really simple with the KoffeeKlatch associate agreements. I felt confident that the agreements would protect both of us if anything were to change and reassured by the level of detail they go into. Clauses on payments, holidays, confidentiality, standards of work etc. it’s all there!

Claire GraceThe Assistant Quarters

When people ask me how do I cope with clients, contracts, data protection changes and running a VA business, I tell them I don’t worry about it, I just ask KoffeeKlatch.   I don’t have to be confused or work it all out on my own.

Lucy MessaritisNixon Executive Support