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You started your business with hard work, a lot of love, and a little bit of motivation from your friends and family.  You had to focus on getting your first clients and getting some money coming in. You were ‘boot strapping’ it all – doing everything you could for free. You had time, but not a lot of money.

Now your business is growing and let’s face it, there are things you don’t like doing, things you are not really good at doing and it is time for you to focus on what you do best.

You need a team around you.  But you are not thinking of employing people but taking on freelancers to support you as and when you need them.

What do you need to get your team on the right track?

Contracts! I know they’re a dirty word to some, but as a business veteran of 39 years, let me tell you not everything is smooth sailing. You need support and guidelines to protect your business, and make sure the people you pay are doing what you want and to keep everything running smoothly.

There’s a lot that you’re expected to know from how to handle GDPR properly when running an freelance based team, to when and how to deduct IR35, who is entitled to holiday and more.   The good news is KoffeeKlatch will help you with this. You’re not going drown in a sea of legal documents!

Created for the online way you work today by people who understand the ‘gig’ economy with all its advantages and hidden dangers.

Our VA contracts, policies and packages start at £45 + VAT for individual purchase. For even bigger savings, check out our multi-buy offers!

Save time, create profitability and set boundaries.

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What our customers say...

VA Hiring Agreement

Hiring a VA to help with admin or marketing? You need to be very clear about data security, confidentiality, ownership of copyright, tax and more. You need to make sure you have clear policies and procedures in place. From GDPR to copyright, our Hiring Agreement is designed to keep you and your business covered! 


Included in the VA Hiring Agreement:

1.  VA Booking Form
2. VA Data Processing Instructions
3.  VA Hiring Agreement

4.  Sample Security Instructions

Web Designer Hiring Agreement

You need a web designer for the technical and design side of your online presence.   Under GDPR you are responsible for setting it all up in a GDPR compliant way – but if you are not used to doing that there is an awful lot that go wrong where you think the web designer is doing one thing and they think you are doing it!  

Our agreement is designed to handle copyright, IP, security, confidentiality, deadlines, who is doing what when, payment and all the things that can trip you up when you’re working with a Web Designer..

Included in the Web Designer Hiring Agreement:

  1. Web Designer Booking Form
  2. Web Designer Hiring Agreement
  3. Data Processing Instructions
  4. Sample Security Instructions

Bookkeeper Hiring Agreement

The person who does your bookkeeping has access to some of the most confidential and private information in your business – money! They may even be paying your bills online.

You need to be sure you have sorted out data security, GDPR and a lot more. From hours to tax, and access to customer records, there are lots of things you need to sort out and discuss.

Included in the Bookkeeper Hiring Agreement:

  1. Bookkeeper Hiring Agreement
  2. Bookkeeper Booking Form
  3. Data Processing Instructions
  4. Sample Security Instructions

Business Policies

It’s time to make sure your business is compliant and legally stress-free with our comprehensive business policy pack.

This set of short, simple policies is designed to get you started. No lengthy HR waffle, no complications and designed to work with our agreements and contracts – or to stand alongside your own, if you already have agreements in place.

Included in the Policy Starter Pack:

  1. Data Privacy Policy
  2. Data Retention Policy
  3. Health and Safety Policy (Under 5 Staff)
  4. Equality Policy
  5. Social Media Rules
  6. Social Media Rules for Professionals
  7. Cookie Policy Guidance Worksheet

Team Hiring Business Pack

The ultimate business bundle for your growing business!

Contracts and policies for those looking to grow their team through freelancers and outsourced businesses. Start your business off of on the right track with contracts for your clients, associates and policies to match. Now including one year of data protection support to get you compliant with GDPR!

Included in the bundle:

  1. VA Hiring Pack
  2. Web Designer Hiring Pack
  3. Bookkeeper Hiring Pack
  4. GDPR for Outsourced Business Support

Plus, Working with Friends Family and Freelancers 

Data Protection & GDPR

You’ve heard a lot of talk about GDPR and want to know how to prepare your business for it. There’s a lot of chatter, but not a lot of facts or helpful advice. Until now…

GDPR for Outsourced Businesses

Join us and other business owners in the most supportive GDPR community!

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