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Contracts for Virtual Assistants

Protect your business & get paid on time!

VA contracts are often picked up online from the U.S. Should you have to take a client to court for non-payment you might find your business isn’t protected. A good contract sets clear boundaries for you and your client. This leads to a more profitable VA business, and happier clients!

Contracts for Trainers

Protect your IP, Copyright & Reputation.

You need an up to date trainer agreement before give your trainer access to your delegates and your material. The world of training has changed so much with technology. You need to make sure you are protecting your IP, your copyright, and access to your delegates and clients and your reputation. Then there’s social media….

Contracts for Bookkeepers

Is your bookkeeping business covered?

As a bookkeeper you love how you can tally the receipts and make it all make sense for your clients. However, the wrong clients, or worse still, clients without agreements, means that you’ll spend a lot more time on doing things that are not your customer’s books.

Contracts for Web Designers

Are you covered for your Web Design project?

Design side or technical side, do you know what’s what with your website designer? It is so easy to forget to cover the bases and just go straight to getting it done.

Contracts for Coaches

Is your coaching business covered?

Coaching has always been about confidentiality but the new obligations are a game changer for many coaches. How do you sort that out without burying your clients in long documents that no-one can understand? How do you satisfy your corporate clients that they can trust you will employee data and not create a data protection problem for them.

GDPR Support

Are you GDPR compliant?

If you have client data in your business you’ll need to be GDPR compliant, and you’ll need to explain how you are GDPR compliant to your own clients. Of course, the smart business owner knows that peace of mind in this area (for their clients) will actually grow their business.

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