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Getting yourself sorted out to protect our copyright, IP, tax and GDPR situation doesn’t sound exciting.  But get it wrong and your growing enterprise can fail.   The rapidly changing legal and political landscape (including Brexit) can make it hard for a micropreneur to keep up.  

You don’t have to be Amazon, Pimlico Plumbers or Uber to find yourself with legal challenges and claims you got it all wrong.

Annabel delivers a humorous and laser focussed technical talk that will set your audience up with what they need to know to grow their business without losing control of it. She will also make your audience smile.

Can you build a GDPR fluent team?

GDPR can feel like a massive burden.  If you are trying to make it work across a  freelance team it is easy to get confused or just ignore it.  If you team is in more than one country it can be too much!

Are you sure you are ready for this?

If you focus on your business, customers and team you can create a secure way of working that does not drive you crazy.  Annabel will get you started and update you with where we are going next.

Annabel Kaye has delivered talks in a vary of industries from accounting to construction to finance and virtual assistance.

She even managed to get a standing ovation at Accountex from a room full of accountants - not something many people can achieve.

Her engaging and enlightening talks around GDPR and outsourcing shake away all that confusing jargon and your delegates will take home an action plan of what they need to do to start outsourcing in a GDPR compliant way.

Her talk will be tailored to your audience.

How to grow from Solo to Team

How do you know when you need other people?
Should you wait till you are over worked?
Should they be friends, freelancers or employees?
What is best for you?

The whole landscape of friends, freelancers, employees is tough to navigate unless you really know how to set things up properly.

Getting the answers right can help you create a flexible, scaleable business that will grow as much as you want it to. Making the wrong decisions can leave you with unexpected tax bills, an unstable and resentful team and dissatisfied customers and GDPR breaches.

Annabel Kaye will challenge your thinking and help you plan a role for you that spans the gig economy (and even AI).

Her storytelling weaves with real technical and practical experience and tips to help you step up to the plate for your organisation and plan a workforce that works.

Your audience will enjoy her engaging and humorous style but they will also appreciate the sharp mind that delivers real knowledge and actionable takeaways to help plan for a really intelligent HR future that gets right to the heart of the issues.

She can make this a talk, add in a webinar, or deliver a workshop.

Friends Family and Freelancers

Starts up and early years teams are often made up of friends, family and a few freelancers. You start with the people you trust and work out from there. But working with friends can cost you your friendship and handshake deals can lead to arguments.

What do you need to make this work as your business grows?

You can find yourself frustrated as people argue about who does what, who owns what and what things cost. You know it is time to get a bit more formal, but how do you tell your core team it is time for a formal agreement?

Annabel Kaye will help you clarify the issues and figure out who is a partner, who is an employee, who is a freelancer.

Annabel's story about a friendly business owner who was working with friends and family on a very informal basis. Now the MD wishes to go back and start again.

Your SME audience will love her engaging talk. But they will also take home some real tips on how to get the relationships onto a firm legal and tax footing without upsetting the people they work with. Not many people can do that.

She can do this as a talk, a webinar, or a workshop.

Contracts, Profitability and Compliance

Getting paid, getting the work done, sorting out who owns what are vital to the growing enterprise. Having great set of contracts that sort out who does what can save hours of time (never mind GDPR headaches) so why don't we think of contracts as useful?

Is it the legal jargon that makes us shy away?

From terms of business to associate agreements the growing service business can only go so far without GDPR ready contracts that are aligned to how you work.

Annabel Kaye will help you understand what clear and simply contracts can do for you and when to use them.

Annabel's stories about the trials of being an entrepreneur are drawn from her years of supporting growing businesses as they take on people and handle cashflow.

Your industry based audience of VAs, Trainers, Web Designers, Bookkeepers or PRs will love her real life stories of how clients and associates can drive you crazy/ They will also learn how a lot of this can be avoided from the very beginning.

This talk is usually tailored to and delivered to a specific sector audience

Guest Expert On BBC Breakfast, BBC News, Radio 4, Radio 5 Live and more:

Annabel Kaye in Action

Annabel loves to be ‘live in the room’ with your audience. Despite the legal and HR disciplines that underpin her talks, her style is conversational, entertaining, and memorable.

If you have a specific employment law or HR brief in mind, she will create an entertaining and educational talk to match it. For mastermind groups, management teams, client events or full conferences – she adapts her material to your audience and your event.

Your group will be absorbed and entertained as well as informed. She won’t do ‘death by powerpoint’ but she will tell stories and share scenarious that really help a technical or non-technical audience to understand what needs to be done.

About Annabel Kaye

Annabel started her career in PR (non-profit) before moving on to publishing and consumer law (Which? magazine) followed by advertising and HR.

She founded Irenicon in 1980 (an employment law and HR consultancy) and has spent the intervening years helping some of the largest organisations in the UK (and some of the smallest) sort out the people and employment law issues that come with change.

She founded KoffeeKlatch in 2009 specifically to support organisations outsourcing to freelancers. Her practical expertise in outsourcing to VAs, web designers, bookkeepers, trainers and more, is a key part of her speaker’s story. 

She still advises businesses from the smallest to the largest on how to contract and manage their teams and how to create REAL flexibility that doesn’t hurt.

Old enough to be a grandmother, mother of millennials, a happy explorer of the gap between compliance and wiggle room, her witty persona makes light of the experience and learning that underpins her wisdom.

She loves delivering online and in the room – and is a keen user of social media. She actively promotes where she is booked to speak at with her social media connections. You will even get a little video promo too.

Her KoffeeKlatch guides can be customised for your event and where appropriate her KoffeeKlatch agreements can be offered at discounts to your delegates. She can even organise a longer term affiliate relationship for you if you are building a community to support growing businesses.





Annabel came to talk to Costa Women in Spain at a Business networking event around the topic of thriving during a recession. Her talk was funny, captivating and full of tips for women in business. Annabel is my 'go-to' Woman for anything GDPR related. She explains a very complex scenario in an easy to understand format. With Brexit looming I am sure I will be knocking on her door for information and advice about new laws and requirements between the UK and Spain.
Ali Meehan
Founder, Costa Women
Annabel is an accomplished speaker...having outsourced much of what I do to freelancers, Annabel was able to show me how I had lost control of and even ownership of some of my intellectual property. Perhaps the most scary thing was discovering how I had left myself open to being liable for the income tax of people I thought we re self employed.
Lee Clarke
Annabel did a fantastic live web session on GDPR for my community. She made (what to us could be a somewhat tedious subject) interesting, full of common sense and understandable. Whether you have Annabel give a talk/interactive web session or join one of her memberships, I am sure you will be glad you did.
Unda Doyle Love
Business Strategist for Creatives
Annabel has an attractive way of cloaking a serious message in a simple, everyday story that demonstrates her empathy and ability to communicate on anyone's level. With a commendable grasp of HR issues, she gives sound guidance to employers. It's no wonder everyone speaks so highly of her, both on a personal level and in business.
Phillip Khan-Panni
Helping you tell the right story