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Business owners and managers need to know about law – but let’s face it – most legal presentations are dull.  The rapidly changing legal and political landscape (including Brexit) can make it hard for people to keep up. But who looks forward to a compliance section at a conference?  

Consistently rated as one of the best talks at conferences where I speak – my job is to combine practical advice on using law as a tool to get business owners where they want to go. I do this with storytelling and humour to keep your audience engaged.

“Annabel delivers a humorous and laser focussed technical talk that will set your audience up with what they need to know to grow their business without losing control of it. She will also make your audience laugh while they learn.”

GDPR does not have to be dull

We have all sat through long, confusing and boring GDPR sessions.  It's a bit of a mood killer to say the least.

Despite that, your delegates need to get up to speed with GDPR (and many really struggle with it even today) and stay up to date with changes.

My practical, entertaining talks with engaging slides and practical tips will keep your audience awake and make them laugh.  But underneath the fun are serious training and action points for them to take away and use.

People can create a secure way of working that does not drive them crazy.  They just need to know how to get their ducks in a row.

Each talk is researched and customised to the industry/event needs.  I have spoken to audiences as varied as Accountants, Lawyers, Construction, Chartered Financial Planners, Virtual Assistants, Child Focussed businesses and more.

I even managed to get a standing ovation at Accountex from a room full of Accountants!

I will decode all that confusing jargon and your delegates will take home an action plan of what they can really do to comply with GDPR.

Online training material is available to supplement this programme, and an in-house workshop with follow up online material can also be arranged.

Hiring your first Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants offer flexibility and additional resources.  Picking the right time for the right person can be tough.

Your delegates will need to know when and how to hire a VA without being let down, or losing control of their data, marketing systems and IP.

My experience of working with multiple VAs over a decade is combined with legal and practical tips to take away.  There are serious training and action points for your delegates to take away and use on when and how to use a VA.

Virtual Assistants are 3rd parties in GDPR-land, and it is vital to control the data flow when it comes to allowing your VA to access personal data.

Each talk is researched to include the core issues your delegates will face in their industry.  I will help your delegates find a safe path between IR35, GDPR, confidentiality, copyright and more. I'll help them plan to expand in a safe and resilient way.

I will weave in real life stories from my own experience. I have worked with Virtual Assistants in my own business,  and supported VAs in my KoffeeKlatch customer groups, and the clients who pay them in my advisory work.

Your delegates will leave with an action list to help them plan for the workforce they need to grow their business.  They will know if they really need a VA or to take on staff.

I can do this as a talk, a workshop or a webinar depending on how you want your delegates to learn and engage.

Worried about IR35 and off payroll working?

Since the introduction of IR35 and off-payroll working regulations, there have been rumours, misunderstandings, urban myths and legends.

Who has to decide if IR35 applies? The public sector changes to this will soon apply in the private sector too. 

If your delegates are paying freelancers, they need to know whether they should be making these assessments.

They will also need to understand how to work with a freelancer without accidentally triggering IR35 or needing to put them onto payroll.

If your delegates are freelancers, they will need to understand the key elements that will determine their status. They should have a clear contract and plan to make sure they are not misclassified.

The Government's changes put many solopreneurs at risk of being bounced back into PAYE or trapped inside IR35.

We need a surviving and thriving micro-business sector that is not crushed by premature tax burdens.

I can engage your audience and bring them to understand the concepts without driving them crazy.

This talk can be delivered as a webinar, a talk to a live audience in the room, or as part of a strategy planning workshop.

How to make more money with great contracts

Most people think of contracts as something so dull that only lawyers can read them.  Who can blame them with Victorian English and Latin terms.

Behind the unnecessary jargon there are real concepts that a growing business needs to understand. A smart contract is also a great business tool. Contracts are a great way to set boundaries.

The old days of doing business on a handshake are gone.  Everything from GDPR to IR35 is requiring written agreements.  But it's not just about compliance.

A great set of terms of business can help your delegates get paid on time, get paid extra for work outside scope, add interest to slow payers at more than the statutory rate, handle copyright, IP and more.

A great associate agreement can make it so much easier to ensure your associate works in a lawful way. It will also help you keep ownership of your clients and materials.

Is it the jargon that makes us think all this is boring?  Big businesses have legal departments, but who helps your delegates?

I can draw on 40 years of being in business - advising and supporting entrepreneurs through the trials and tribulations that come with business growth.

This talk is tailored to your industry and delegates and will focus on typical issues your audience can face.

Guest Expert On BBC Breakfast, BBC News, Radio 4, Radio 5 Live and more:

Annabel Kaye in Action

I love to be ‘live in the room’ with your audience. Despite the legal and HR disciplines that underpin my  talks, my style is conversational, entertaining and memorable.

I can deliver tailored talks around my themes, or if you have a difficult compliance explanation to make, I will create an amusing and educational talk to match it. 

For mastermind groups, management teams, client events or full conferences – I adapt to your audience and your event.

Your group will be absorbed and entertained as well as informed. I won’t do ‘death by powerpoint’ (though people love my slides – all designed to help your delegates get their ducks in a row).  I will tell stories and share scenarios that really help your audience understand what needs to be done.

About Annabel Kaye

Annabel started her career in publishing and consumer law (Which? magazine) and then moved into advertising and HR.

She founded Irenicon in 1980 (an employment law and HR consultancy) and has spent the intervening years helping some of the largest organisations in the UK, and some of the smallest, sort out the people and employment law issues that come with change.

She founded KoffeeKlatch in 2009 specifically to support organisations which outsource to freelancers. Her practical expertise in outsourcing to VAs, web designers, bookkeepers, trainers and more, is a key part of her story. She lives the life she talks about.

She still advises businesses from the smallest to the largest on how to contract and manage their teams and how to create REAL flexibility that doesn’t hurt.

Old enough to be a grandmother, mother of millennials, a happy explorer of the gap between compliance and wiggle room, her witty persona makes light of the experience and learning that underpins her wisdom.

She loves delivering online and in the room – and is a keen user of social media. She  actively promotes where she is booked to speak. You will even get a little video promo too.





Annabel came to talk to Costa Women in Spain at a Business networking event around the topic of thriving during a recession. Her talk was funny, captivating and full of tips for women in business. Annabel is my 'go-to' Woman for anything GDPR related. She explains a very complex scenario in an easy to understand format. With Brexit looming I am sure I will be knocking on her door for information and advice about new laws and requirements between the UK and Spain.
Ali Meehan
Founder, Costa Women
Anyone who has seen Annabel speak before will know how knowledgeable, entertaining and engaging she is - and at my recent conference, EleVAte, she didn't disappoint. Annabel has a way of imparting huge knowledge on relevant topics (in this case, how to make your business more profitable) in a way that ensures you remember the key messages. She was a pleasure to have on stage, was one of our most popular sessions and I wouldn't hesitate to have her at my next event - thank you Annabel!
I am writing to you on behalf of all at What's On 4 to express our sincere thanks and appreciation at your contribution to Friday's business huddle event. You were a delightful speaker - I enjoyed your presentation so much and I really think you struck such a cord with everyone in the room. I am so pleased we got to welcome you and get to know you! Memorable is the word!
Suzanne Borrell
Events and Communications Director, What's on 4 Ltd
Annabel spoke very engagingly to a group of largely freelance facilitators at a meetup of IAF England & Wales, and really brought GDPR to life for us in a way that enabled us all to understand what it meant for us and what we could begin to do about it. It was a pleasure to work with her!