Are your VA terms legal?

Did you know almost 40% of Virtual Assistants have no written terms of business?

You must provide written terms ​

The Provision of Service​s Regulations 2009  requires all service providers to provide specific information in writing. This is not just for Virtual Assistants!

We offered a group of VAs a free review of their terms and found that:

less than 10% of VA terms meet the UK regulation standard

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Download your compliant and flexible VA terms

Annabel Kaye

The perfect business contract protects more than just your boundaries. The perfect business contract protects your clients in relation to things like Copyright, IP, GDPR, scope-creep and all the other things that eat away at your profitability. Book me to speak at your event or ask about becoming an affiliate. Check out our contract shop and GDPR support today and start earning what you should in your business.