What is a Contract & How Does it Work?

Many business owners and entrepreneurs get confused about what a contract is, and isn’t. Imagine for a moment you’re in the KoffeeKlatch kitchen. I ask you to make me a cup of coffee. This isn’t a contract, it’s a favour. You’re not obligated to make me a cup of coffee. Imagine that KoffeeKlatch isn’t a […]

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Can I add this email address to my list?

One of the most frequent questions we are asked in the Post-GDPR world is “Am I allowed to add this email to my list”. So we’ve created this simple infographic so you can see at a glance if you’re allowed to add an email address to your list. Please feel free to share with your […]

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Post-GDPR: Are you paying a web designer?

Did you know that the freelancer that gets trashed the most by a client is a web designer? If you talk to the client and ask them what went wrong they’ll tell you that they didn’t get what they wanted. If you ask the web designer what went wrong it’s the client wanting everything for […]

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What GDPR & Slimming Pills Have in Common

With the deadline for GDPR looming I can understand why a lot of small business owners are looking for a quick fix. There are two types of business owner. The first type is aware of GDPR, they’ve made some decisions and they’ve hired a VA or joined a support group and they’re slowly and steadily […]

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GDPR: The Elephant in the Room

This week I’ve been part of a panel for Moneybox on BBC Radio 4 talking about GDPR. I’ve had an amazing response from business owners all over the UK, especially when I told the ICO representative what I thought! You can hear the conversation here – http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09xcshq As well as all the scaremongering about GDPR, it […]

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Do I Need a Data Protection Officer?

One of the questions we’re often asked about is “Does our business need a data protection officer?” At KoffeeKlatch we like to make things simple and easy for you to understand, after all, who has time to learn to speak fluent legal? (Aside from us of course!) Found this infographic useful? Feel free to use […]

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4 Signs You Need a Graphics VA

As a business owner, you’ve thought long and hard about your business’s mission, its values, and its personality.  With the right branding, you communicate what your business does and it’s intended audience. Your branding reassures customers you’re the best person for them to work with.  But if your visuals aren’t right for your business, then your […]

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