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How to Track Your Time

Sonia was a web designer who worked from home. She found herself in a funk and didn’t feel she was as productive as she could be. At a friend’s urging, Sonia began using a time tracker. She was amazed to see how much time she was filling with minor tasks (like checking Facebook on her […]

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10 Steps to Better Website Security

If you’ve got a website, you know that at some point someone will attempt to hack it. This post is about minimising the risk and protecting your website. Whilst hackers will continue to devise methods to infiltrate blogs and websites, it doesn’t mean we can make it as hard as possible for them to do […]

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Web Designers: 21 Ways to Deal With Toxic Clients

Are you a web designer that’s not designing? If you are, the chances are it’s a toxic client that’s drained all your creativity. Whilst it’s not practical to ‘fire’ every single client who causes you grief: Especially if the problem is your own lack of assertiveness and unwillingness to protect your boundaries. Sometimes you want […]

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Do You Need an SSL Certificate for Your Website?

If you’re thinking of getting your first website, or upgrading your website, you’ll be wanting to have a conversation about SSL with your website designer.  What’s an SSL certificate got to do with websites? Secure sockets layer (SSL) is a type of security that protects customer names, phone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers and other sensitive data. […]

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Are you worried your client is not paying you?

Having a problem getting paid? Your customer has been paying you for a few months and your lovely prepayment arrangement and terms of business have gone down well.    You think they’re happy  (you have checked haven’t you?) and you are happy with the work, but suddenly the payments slow up. If you are using […]

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Post-GDPR: Are you paying a web designer?

Did you know that the freelancer that gets trashed the most by a client is a web designer? If you talk to the client and ask them what went wrong they’ll tell you that they didn’t get what they wanted. If you ask the web designer what went wrong it’s the client wanting everything for […]

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