Christmas Photo Competition

Competition Rules

Rules of Entry

To enter our Christmas Photo Competition, please follow the below rules of entry:

  1. Photo must be taken by you
  2. Must include at least one rubber duck in a festive holiday setting
  3. Must be posted to KoffeeKlatch Facebook page (link in button below) tagging @KoffeeKlatch, or on our Twitter page, tagging @KK2Go
  4.  Must use the hashtag #duckieXmas
  5. Must be submitted by 28th December 2021
  6. You give us the rights to:
    1. Share your photo on our media
    2. Make a collage that includes your photo

Selecting the Winner

The winner(s) will be:

  1.  The one with the most social media likes (or equivalent) across Facebook and Twitter combined
  2. The KoffeeKlatch team can also designate a ‘judges’ winner chosen at their absolute discretion

The Prize

Delicious Duckie Chocolate!

We reserve the right to remove from Facebook/Twitter any pictures or comments that breach their rules or are not in keeping with the festive spirit. Any removed pictures will not be included in the voting or judging however popular they turn out to be.