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Here at KoffeeKlatch we’re often asked what’s the difference between the packages we have for your freelancer contracts. Below I share with you what each contract package can be use for. If you’re just starting to employ freelancers like a Virtual Assistant, Trainer or Web Designer, you’ll want to look out our industry specific contract options.

Our contracts are designed to take account of all the things you will need to have a clear and friendly agreement with your freelancer. It means you can take care of all the details you are far too busy to think about right now, without having to worry you left something out.

If you are not sure what level to purchase, purchase a lower one – you can upgrade  during your support period using our special customer only upgrade options that take account of the fact you already bought an earlier level.

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Don’t worry about renewals.

We do not take repeat subscriptions or memberships.

Your purchases are made via the shopping cart and the only way we ever get any money from you is when you decide to purchase something.

Once your support period expires you can carry on using your documents (but they will no longer be updated at no additional cost).

You will be invited to purchase again and notified when document change, but it is always up to you.

Every contract comes with a form you complete to put in your business details, your client's details, your rates, and anything that is not covered the way you want it to be in the main contract document. Plus a full set of videos explaining what your contract means and why the various elements are in there. And support in the Facebook customer group where you can ask as many questions as you like And free updates during your support period.


For pre-startups and early startups

For businesses with regular revenue

For established business models

Pricing (excl. VAT)*

*Pricing for addons, upgrades and standalones will differ. Please see individual products for more info.

from £55
from £95
from 250
Add your own logo
Edit all contract wording
Signature area
Downloadable files
Onboarding videos
Complete your own details
Private review
Up to 3 changes
Facebook group support
6 Months
12 Months
18 Months
Usage Limits
Website Usage
PDF Upload Only
PDF Upload Only
No Limitation
Download and video access
6 Months
12 Months
18 Months

*Addons start from £10 for basic and go up to £160 for premium. Use as often as you like, but please note you can only download again from our sites during your support period - so please keep a clean copy somewhere safe in the cloud.

When should you buy Global?

Global contracts should be purchased if you, your VA/Associate or your client are not in the UK/EU. These contracts are designed to protect you from across the pond so that you can work across borders and boundaries with ease.

Our Global Contracts are developed in the UK for those wanting to contract to GDPR standards for data security.