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Practical sessions on GDPR, IR35, contracts, associates and more

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Sorting out compliance and contracts does not have to be dull or scary.   Nor does learning new skills to help you communicate clearly and securely.

In a world where everything is constantly changing, you need to make sure you are protecting your business whilst still delighting your customers.

All our KoffeeKlatch events are designed to get you beyond just surviving into thriving.

You can use the law as one of many tools to protect you and help your business grow.  All our events are packed full of useful information and many are regular attenders.

How to make money without burning yourself out - with Ruth Gilbey

In this 30 minute masterclass Ruth will share: 

  • How to declutter your business to make space for more (or less!)
  • The reason why you are so busy and overwhelmed in your business and how to change that
  • How to make space for the activities that will make more money in your business

Ruth is a Business and Marketing Coach, specialising in helping freelancers and business owners adjust their mindset and their marketing so they can get fully booked with clients they LOVE to work with. 

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Does a new VA need contracts?

Many new VAs get going without any contracts (or GDPR compliance).  When is the right time to get your contracts sorted out and what is the best way to introduce them to your customers without feeling awkward?

We will be looking at how to when to, and making sure you get your ducks in a row.

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Use your contracts - reduce the hassle of getting paid and get paid on time

How much do your clients owe you right now?

Are they paying you on time?

The lockdown has made a slow payment culture over into a non payment culture for many of us.

The money micro businesses are lending interest free to bigger businesses is staggering.

Why are you funding their recovery and growth while worrying about how to pay your bills?

What effect does this have on our stress levels and mental health?

More businesses will go bust as we ease the lock down and start to trade, than did as we went in. Why? Because working without getting paid is a sure route to bankcruptcy if you don’t have the working capital to cover the gap. And micropreneurs don’t get the deals needed to fund that gap.

Government initiatives and interest on late payment are only a tiny part of the solution. Even cheap credit can only cushion the blow, but won’t stop you losing time and getting stressed when you should be working on your business.

Annabel is going to share with you how your contracts, onboarding and invoicing system can be integrated into your pricing and business model to get you paid on time and help you segment out those persistent late payers and make sure they pay for the privilege.


We will be covering:

How clear contracting and onboarding creates clear invoicing/billing points

How to use your contracts to create a business and pricing model that encourages prepayment, deposits and staged payments

How to use the bells and whistles in your contract to create natural stop points so you don’t over service a slow paying client

When to extend credit and when not to do so

Having a plan for staged payments when needed.

Incentivising payment – ways to do it and ways never to do it

How to set yourself up to chase without feeling embarassed

How to handle corporate ghosting

How friendly but firm can be effective

Join us and ask your questions during the live hour.


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