Working With Freelancers – As Easy As You Think?

Woman working with freelancersYou’re growing your business, and you don’t want to pay an employee to do everything you need.  Paying freelancers and outsourcing is the way to build a lean and scalable business. It’s easy to just keep outsourcing the work, starting with a small project and growing the relationship. Before you know it, you have a group of freelancers you pay – all doing things you need.

But do you really have a team of Freelancers or a ticking bomb?

If you don’t work with your freelancers in the right way you’ll find yourself with: –

  • Unexpected tax problems
  • Copyright disputes
  • Data security problems

And you’ll have lost your business (the one you’ve worked so hard to build) and quite possibly your home as well. You’re back to square one; growing your business again, but from a place of hurt, pain, and a reluctance to trust the very people who can help you grow your business.

Working With Freelancers Needn’t Put Your Business At Risk

Find out how it really works and what you can (and should) do to build a flexible but safe business, a legacy for you and your family instead of legal bills and potential bankruptcy.
Whether it’s a contract for your web designer or knowing what you’re liable for with your Virtual Assistant, KoffeeKlatch has got you covered. You’ll not only know your obligations, you’ll know if you’re being taken for a ride, and how to deal with it. In fact, you’ll find your legally defined boundaries help you grow your business when working with freelancers.
Get your ducks in a row

It’s Time To Get Your Ducks in a Row!

Call us on 020 3887 0500 (local rate charges apply), email: because the people who matter the most to you deserve protecting from all the things that could go wrong in your business.

KoffeeKlatch is a team of award-winning advisors for business owners, entrepreneurs and people who employ freelancers in their business.   For more than 35 years our team of specialists has provided the support you need to create a flexible and profitable business using freelancers, successfully.

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