Do you work in the health industry? GDPR getting you down? Start here:

Making people feel good about themselves is a really worthwhile vocation. Getting your hair or nails done can really lift your spirits. Maybe you’re a chiropractor or other health therapist, and you don’t need me to share with you how great it feels when you’ve worked your magic on your clients.

Because you work with people, you also know a lot of their sensitive information like illnesses, medication and other things that other business owners don’t know.  Like what medication your client’s take.

You keep your client’s health data and privacy “secrets” for them. The thought of GDPR makes you break out into a cold sweat at times:

  • How do you manage the data you collect?
  • Why do you collect it?
  • How long do you keep your data for?
  • And sensitive data????

This video, which is funny and humorous, will help you understand GDPR in your industry. Press play, and listen to it as you drink a cup of tea.

All done? You can see that GDPR matters to therapists, and you can see how easily it gets lost in all the things you “have” to do, and the things you need to do. It can be a bit of a minefield when you don’t know.

Would you like some support with GDPR for your therapy business?

This training isn’t for everyone but if you like to ensure your business is legal in other areas then you’ll like this. If you see GDPR as something that will help grow your business (because no one will trust a non-compliant competitor) then this is for you. IF you’re someone who has a big heart and cares about your client’s well-being then you’ll love this.

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