Data Privacy and GDPR for small business

Does this sound like you?

You may not be that certain about data privacy and GDPR.  If you were in business when the last  big changes came in around 2016 you’ll recall a lot of panic and a lot of extremely expensive consulting and training that left most of us totally in the dark.

If you got into business after that date you had other things to worry about, never mind all the post Brexit legal changes.  They are just really beginning to pick up speed.

You’re probably  hoping that the whole data protection thing is going to pass you by.

Do you want to be scrambling to sort out data privacy when your clients are renewing contracts with you?

Do you want to be asking around for policies and processes when are are finalising a pitch?

All of a sudden you need audits, policies and contracts that you simply don’t have.

It is expensive and stressful to sort out data privacy as an emergency  (we can help you with that !)

But there is another way that won’t cost an arm and a leg or get you stressed.

Why not take it easy and work at your own pace?

Our range of practical online programmes are designed to get you working on data privacy in your business – not taking an abstract course. Learn and do all at the same time.
All at a tiny fraction of the price of getting a data privacy consultant to do it all for you. Newly updated for January 2024

Works for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS 

GDPR Support 1

Our mission is to give you the key skills and concepts so you are not dependent on expensive experts .  And to give you the confidence to challenge people who want you to do things in an out of date or inappropriate way that could get you fined or lose some data.

Written in plain English your programme includes

Would you like to be confident about how to handle GPDR?

Unless you like reading government policy documents or sitting in on long webinars which never get to the point, you are probably already confused about what you need to do and how you need to handle it.


GDPR has never been simpler!

This insightful, step-by-step course will help you hit the ground running and leave you ready to implement data privacy processes within your business.

Clear & Concise Material

Compliance without tears

This is not about creating a data privacy policy or  grabbing a few documents to update your website. But  a clear and concise programme to guide you through the process of compliance.

Are you ready to get started?