Plain & Simple GDPR Support

a Step-by-step programme to learn as you go

Supporting Busy Business Owners with GDPR Compliance

Does this sound like you?

Ready for the solution?

For years we have been supporting small businesses with Data Protection and GDPR.  We know what you struggle with, how a small business works, and where your pain points are.

Wouldn't it be so much easier if you learned about GDPR as it affects your business and did what you need to do at each stage as you go?

Our team of GDPR experts have created a programme that helps you:

  • Understand GDPR jargon and concepts as they apply to your business
  • Check you are acting lawfully
  • Secure your devices and data as you go
  • Contract for data security with your support team
  • Choose software that makes it easier for you to comply
  • Work with clients and team members without risking data loss
  • Implement policies that don’t trip your business up
  • Respond  to data subject access requests and queries
  • Monitor areas of great sensitivity and risk in your business
  • Record your actions as you go for your compliance file
  • Go through a ‘learn it, do it’ process so you don’t have a massive to do list at the end!
  • Get a certificate when you have finished
  • Get a trained by KoffeeKlatch icon for your website

 We have taken all our work with hundreds of customers as they implemented GDPR and are putting it into a training programme alongside one year’s group support.

NEWLY UPDATED FOR DECEMBER 2023.  Access during December and get yourself ready for 2024.

Purchases made during November/December will have support and access dates calculated from the date of purchase not the go live date.



You will get:

All hosted, curated and explained by Annabel Kaye – the person even the BBC loved when it came to explaining GDPR.

Jo Brianti our GDPR Expert will be  covering subjects that confuse, or need updating in the dynamic world of data privacy and GDPR.

Select Your Group

In order for GDPR to work for YOU and YOUR business, we have created individual groups for similar industries – after all, not every business is the same!

Finance, Accountants, Bookkeepers & IFAs

Are you a financial expert working supporting your clients? Join other Bookkeepers, Accountants, Financial Advisors and other experts in this GDPR community.

Get Compliant

Virtual Assistants & OBMs

Do you have a business supporting clients with their day-to-day business? Join other Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers and other support experts in this GDPR community.

Get Compliant

Marketers and Social Media Managers

Are you an entrepreneur or business working in the digital space? Join other web designers, marketers, industry leaders and technical experts in this GDPR community.

Get Compliant

Trainers, Coaches & Speakers

Does your business involve training, coaching and speaking at events or to clients? Join other like-minded industry professionals in this GDPR community.

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Child Centred Providers

Are you a childcare professional working in an environment with children or processing children's data? Join other childcare professionals in this GDPR community.

Get Compliant

Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

Are you are an Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Property Investor, Art Dealer, Coach or Influencer? Join other like-minded industry professionals in this GDPR community.

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Just looking for a GDPR Policy?

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge into the course just yet, you can purchase the GDPR policy separetely.

Note: This policy is available for free with any GDPR Programme

Would you like to be confident about how to handle GPDR?

Unless you like reading government policy documents or sitting in on long webinars which never get to the point, you are probably already confused about what you need to do and how you need to handle it.

Training Zone

Step-by-Step Course

With access to our dedicated KoffeeKlatch Training Zone, GDPR has never been simpler!

Our insightful, step-by-step course is designed to help you hit the ground running and leave you ready to implement the processes within your business.

Coaching & Support

Coaching & Support

With you every step of the way is our supportive group of GDPR experts, tech specialists, trainers and other industry peers.



With our private Facebook group for industry specific GDPR groups, you have a community at your fingertips!

GDPR Support 3

Understand Your Data

Designed for the way you work with data in your own business and the data you handle for clients.

Constant Updates

Constant Updates

Guaranteed updates when new legislation is released. Helping you to grips with the changes that Brexit will bring.

Policies & Documents

Policies & Documents

Policies and documents that both you and your customers can understand and implement within your business.

Videos and Webinars

Videos & Live Webinars

Videos, live webinars and audio downloads to help you work through the course materials at your own pace.

Practical & Hands on

Practical & Hands On

A practical and hands-on approach to remove the headache and leave you feeling accomplished.


Be Compliant

Designed to help you learn the ins and outs of your business and its data and guide you towards compliance.

Clear & Concise Material

This is not about creating a data privacy policy or rushing through and grabbing a few documents to update your website. Instead, we have created a clear and concise programme to guide you through the process of compliance.

No more boring and academic lectures – we prefer a practical and hands-on approach that doesn’t leave you with a big headache and todo list at the end.

The whole point is to help you comply without making you cry.

GDPR Programme

Are you ready to get compliant?