Plain & Simple GDPR Support

Online GDPR support done by you, with you, or for you.

Supporting Busy Business Owners with GDPR Compliance

Were you hoping GDPR would go away? Or just not got around to it all yet?

Are you ready for a solution that does not hurt your head or your wallet?

Would you like to be confident about how to handle GPDR?

Unless you like reading government policy documents or sitting in on long webinars which never get to the point, you are probably already confused about what you need to do and how you need to handle it.  And if you have been asking fellow business owners you will have had some very varied opinions, some of which will result in you having legal problems.

Jo Brianti Headshot

A Qualified DPO

Jo Brianti cDPO, CIPP/E, CIPM is helping KoffeeKlatch customers to sort all this out.

30 years’ of business/tech project management experience combined with Data Protection Officer accreditation provides a diverse knowledge and experience to help small business owners embed data protection best practice and meet GDPR obligations. 

GDPR has never been simpler!

Online programme with Facebook group support.

This step-by-step course is designed to help sort out GDPR processes within your business.  You can add an optional VA chair for support from your team.

Cohort programme with events to keep you on track

If you need more help than the online programme, you can choose (or upgrade to) the cohort programme. Online programme with weekly guidance session.

Consulting option

Jo is available for Power Hour or on a consulting basis to implement GDPR processes for your business, train your team. Jo can also act as your retained Data Protection Officer (DPO) for regular advice.