GDPR: The Elephant in the Room

This week I’ve been part of a panel for Moneybox on BBC Radio 4 talking about GDPR. I’ve had an amazing response from business owners all over the UK, especially when I told the ICO representative what I thought! You can hear the conversation here –

As well as all the scaremongering about GDPR, it seems that small business owners are getting a lot of “conflicting” advice. However, none of the conflicting advice addresses the huge elephant in the GDPR room.

Here at KoffeeKlatch we’ve created a simple infographic to help you make sense of the conflicting information around GDPR.

GDPR: The Elephant in the Room 1

And yes, GDPR is a process not a policy. Owning a template or a policy doesn’t make you compliant just like owning calorie counter doesn’t make you slimmer. You have to get all of your GDPR ducks in a row and ensure that you fully understand your data, what happens to it, and what to do if it gets lost or someone wants to see what you know about them.

If you’d like help, and to join the most supportive Facebook GDPR group on the planet, then do check out these two links

I know this simple infographic will help clear up a lot of things you’re hearing about GDPR. Keep it handy by pinning it on your small business board on Pinterest.

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