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How to give your VA access to your social media

social media security and your virtual assistantI was chatting to someone who was just about to recruit a Virtual Assistant to do her social media for her.

It seemed like a great idea to find someone to schedule all the posts.   My busy business owner was happy to create the graphics – it is one of her strong points, but she had worked out she didn’t have the time to schedule them across the various social media platforms she used.

It’s a very sensible decision to delegate that sort of work.   Any competent social media savvy Virtual Assistant can do it for you.

My client went on to say

I am going to put all my passwords in a password locker, so I can give her all my passwords.

What about social media passwords?

Hold on there.   You don’t want to be giving your account passwords to your VA or anyone else!   At the very least share via your password locker without letting your passwords be visible.

Be aware, many social media sites have rules that say you must not let anyone else use your password.  But whatever the rules say it is a really daft thing to do.

We hear tales of Virtual Assistants who change the password without letting the client know (so now you are locked out of your own social media).

And there is a real risk to your reputation if you let someone have complete access to post anything at all.  Mistakes can and do happen.   It is not a question of your Virtual Assistant being untrustworthy – you wouldn’t hire them if you didn’t trust them.  It’s about having a robust and resilient system that you can control.

You should always be the only one who knows your passwords.

Have a secure and GDPR compliant social media sharing plan

There are some great social media platforms that allow you and your Virtual Assistant to work on your social media without you sharing your passwords.  HootSuite and Buffer both have options for you to have additional team members on one account.

Let us know if you are using other platforms to achieve the same result.

Have a proper contract that sorts that out

And when you have a secure plan for working with your Virtual Assistant make sure you have a proper agreement that sets it all out.  You will need to contract for confidentiality, secure access, and voice, tone, and timing.

Remember you can delegate the work but you can never delegate the responsibility.

Our KoffeeKlatch contracts for Virtual Assistants are set up to encourage you both to talk through the security issues and a lot more.   They start at just £45 +VAT.    For more information on our Team Hiring options click here

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