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Proper contracts set boundaries, save time and boost your profitability

Running a Web Design business can be stressful. There’s a lot that you’re expected to know, from GDPR and NDAs to IR35 and tax. You want to comply with the law, but the constant changes can make you feel completely overwhelmed.

Don’t worry. We won’t let you drown in a sea of legalese! With KoffeeKlatch, you don’t have to spend hours trying to work out what is going on and how it will affect you.

We’ve created a range of contracts for the online way that designers work today.

Our contracts are simple written agreements defining what you will do, what your clients and associates should do, and what happens if anything goes wrong. They’re written by expert lawyers so you can be confident they will protect your business.

Not only that, but we provide you with ongoing legal support so you’re not alone.

Contracts, policies and packages start at just £50 + VAT*

*excluding addons and standalones which differ in pricing.

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Reasons to choose Web Designer contracts from KoffeeKlatch

Why you need proper contracts in place:

What makes KoffeeKlatch contracts special:

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Contracts, policies and packages start at just £50 + VAT*

*excluding addons and standalones which differ in pricing.

Buy our Business Basics Pack and SAVE 20% per item

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You can choose Premium, Standard or Basic level contract/s. Each gives the same cover, but the branding and amount of support you receive varies according to where your business is at.
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Which contract/s do you need?

We’ve prepared a range of contracts that are most commonly required by web designers. Click each title or scroll down to decide which you need.

Note that these contracts are designed for web designers in the UK who have associates and clients in the UK. If you’re in the UK and you work with clients or associates worldwide, we are working on a range to cover you.

Global Web Designer Terms of Business

As a designer, this contract is the one you issue to your clients.

It covers you for issues including GDPR, NDAs, copyright, IP, tax and more. 

It’s been designed to handle all the ways you might charge – whether retainer, hourly rate or project. It also has options for different rates, such as core hours, out of hours, and uplifts for specific work.

Included in the Global Web Designer Terms of Business:

  • Booking Form
  • Terms of Business
  • Data Processing Form
  • Terms of Business

With these Terms of Business in place, your client expectations will be managed professionally as well as saving you time, money and stress.

If you want a contract to give your marketing team or associates, you need our Global Web Designer Hiring Agreement

Global Web Designer Hiring Agreement

Do you employ a team of web designers, or outsource to associates? 

If yes, this is the contract you need to manage your relationships with them. 

The Web Designer Hiring Agreement covers hiring designers who run their own company as well as those who operate as a sole trader. It includes clear policies and procedures to protect you, including GDPR, copyright, non-compete clauses and NDAs. 

Included in the Web Designer Hiring Agreement:

  1. Web Designer Hiring Agreement
  2. Web Designer Data Processing Instructions
  3. Web Designer Booking Form
  4. Sample Security Instructions
  5. Social Media Rules
With the Web Designer Hiring Agreement, your team and associate relationships will be managed professionally as well as saving you time, money and stress.

If you want a contract to give your clients, you need our Global Web Designer Terms of Business

GDPR Privacy Policy

Work towards GDPR compliance with our bestselling GDPR Privacy Policy. Includes a step-by-step mini course to guide you through what to include within your policy as well as your cookies and data retention.

Included in the GDPR Privacy Policy:

  • Data Privacy Policy
  • Step-by-step Mini Course (Includes Cookie and Data Retention guidance)

Please note: This policy is FREE when purchasing our full GDPR Programme

GDPR Compliance for Digital VIPs

Worried about GDPR compliance? 

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are now in place, but it can be a struggle to figure out what VAs actually need to do (and what you don’t). What’s more, with constant changes, you need to keep up to date if you’re going to meet your legal obligations.

This programme is designed to help you comply with GDPR in an easy, supportive and practical way.

Access to the most supportive and comprehensive GDPR community for VAs is yours for 12 months at a time (you have the option to renew at the end of each year).

Web Designer Business Pack: Save 20%

Build the ultimate business bundle for your Web Design business!

Choose any three items (or the full set of four) and SAVE 20% compared to the cost of buying them individually.

Options available within the bundle:

  1. Web Designer Terms of Business Pack
  2. Web Designer Hiring Agreement Pack
  3. Web Maintenance Terms of Business | Addon
  4. Website Acceptable Use Policy
  5. GDPR Data Privacy Policy
  6. GDPR for Digital VIPs Support

Your multi-buy discount will be applied automatically as you add each item to the cart.

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