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When do you need our global contracts?

Our global contracts are designed for the way you work today – online and off line.   Trying to decide whether to use our UK or Global contracts?  Here are the key things you need to decide:

If you are mostly UK to UK with a tiny bit of global, you may want UK with our additional global pack.  Here is blog that will help.  It is written around clients, but the same principles work if you are hiring.  

UK :

  • Both people covered in the contract are in the UK while the work is being done.
  • Handles data privacy inside the UK
  • Deals with UK tax and worker rights
  • Handles consumer options in line with UK law
  • Defaults to sterling for invoicing
  • Handles late payment provisions in accordance with UK law
  • Streamlined to UK working practises
  • Can upgrade to more flexible levels or to Global contracts (or both)
  • Best for contracting inside the UK
  • Default to English law
  • Can be modified to NI or Scottish law

Global: with EU SCC plus UK IDTA

  • At least one of you is outside the UK while the work is being done.
  • Handles cross border data transfers in and out of the EU
  • Copes with  EU GDPR if you are handling data on EU citizens
  • Copies with cross border data transfers to ‘adequate’ and non adequate countries
  • Copes with UK Data Privacy when you are handling data on UK Citizens
  • Does not put you into a specific tax or rights regime
  • No default currency assumption
  •  Best for cross border contracting

What if I change countries?

Every contract comes with a minimum 6 months support period depending on the level you decide to purchase.

If you decide to go traveling and work abroad like a digital nomad, or move to another country we will still support you in your global business.   Our growing group of global workers are forming a powerful group who can help us all with questions as you work around the world.

Regular webinars and discussions help you find your way to building the business that suits you – without worrying that you haven’t got it all set up properly.


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