HelloSign electronic signature system – Review

When you’ve downloaded your KoffeeKlatch contract think about HelloSign as a way of Review HalloSign e-signature systemcompleting the process.

It can be tempting to

  • print it
  • sign it
  • scan it
  • send it to the other person
  • get them to print it
  • sign it
  • scan it
  • send it back

This can be time-consuming and means both of you have to get to a scanner before the process is finished. Then you have to store the signed version somewhere safe and remember where you put it if you need to read it again.

There is no legal requirement in the UK for you to have a contract signed. An exchange of emails can be enough. But it can be a real help to have a signature since there is no way either party can say at a later date that they didn’t see the contract or sign it. Having a sleek ‘on-boarding system’ for clients and outsourced workers takes a lot of headaches away and this is where e-signing comes into its own.

No need to hunt through your inbox months or years later wondering what you did with the signed agreement or the email that said yes.


HelloSign is one of several electronic or e-signing platforms that can help you do it all online.

If you are using the basic free account you can get up to 3 contracts a month signed and stored in your HelloSign account. This is a great way to make sure your administration is all properly documented and stored.

Be careful. If you are using the free account you have to complete the document (except for the signatures and the dates) BEFORE you upload it to HelloSign since only paid accounts can create templates and complete them there.

The paid accounts offer unlimited contract signing in a month. The top of the line account offers you the option to use your own branding – which will come in handy if you have chosen to brand your KoffeeKlatch contracts with your own logo.

Integrations and platforms

HelloSign works really well with Google Drive and if you are a Google user, then store your completed documents in your drive and upload them to HelloSign for signature. It also integrates with Dropbox, Evernote, Eventbrite and Slack. You can also download the app to your phone (Android or iPhone as well as iPad) and send your documents for signature from there.

If you are on the free version you might find it difficult to complete the document on your phone, but you will find it useful for tracking who has signed and who is yet to sign.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you want to integrate with other platforms, you will need to use ‘Zaps’, and even then it doesn’t integrate with many customer databases. It really has the Google user in mind and while other platforms can use it (I use 365 myself and have no trouble with it) it does feel a bit odd that I have to use my Google email account to log in (I never use it for anything else).

For a free getting started service it takes a lot of beating, but if you are going to be a regular user and want to integrate this with your own CRM system or a larger system you may want to evaluate other e-signing options.

That said, I am still using it since sometimes it is just so much easier.

Try out HelloSign

The best way to work out if this platform is for you is to try it. Use this link and get one extra document free in your free account.

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