How to Manage a VA Writer to Achieve Maximum Output

How to Manage a VA Writer to Achieve Maximum Output 1

The main focus of any business venture is to boost sales quickly. It requires an executive to assign the tasks to his team. If the manager is working individually, without having a team, s/he can achieve a target by hiring virtual assistants (VA).

You don’t have to do it ‘all’ by yourself – Elizabeth Dehn

Procuring a VA for a writing business is only the initial phase. This approach will help an executor use different talents for a goal. Moreover, the workload would be divided which saves time. But keep in mind, that the best result is purely based on the strong connection between the VA and the manager.

How to Manage a VA Writer to Achieve Maximum Output 3How Could a VA Writer Help You?

They can assist in doing several functions for an entrepreneur. S/he can write blog content, create social media marketing material, and website sales material, depending on expertise and requirements. It can benefit to expand a business and handling client demands. However, it requires managing the VAs properly. Otherwise, it could bring chaos and be problematic for a corporate person.

Based on personal experiences of different enterprises; below described are the best tips to manage a VA writer effectively to attain maximum results.

1- Initiate with 500 to 1000 words task:

David Root, a VA Manager, deals with about more than 100 virtual writers daily. During an interview, based on his personal experience, he advises that starts with assigning small pieces.

“It is necessary to understand that you should initiate with assigning the task of 500 words to new author. Keep the same pace for few days. Analyse the performance and gradually increase the length of the task.”

2- Define the requirements precisely:

“If you are not providing complete details, VA may compile the work their own way.” – Laura Donald, QA Manager.

It has been widely observed that virtual assistants usually do not ask for further elaborations. They complete the task based on initially provided instructions. Don’t forget to supply complete information before assigning a job.

3- Don’t put all your eggs in one basket:

It could hurt your ROI rate if you depend on a particular assistant for a specific task. Always keep in mind that any mishap can happen. An author may not respond due to any circumstance at the time of delivery. In that case, it is essential to have a backup plan. It could be by means of extending the deadline requests to your client or having a substitute writer.

4- Providing a deadline:

Be careful about assigning an appropriate period for every written piece. Content creators usually submit tasks on the eleventh hour. This habit will cause an issue in timely delivery if any revision requires. Perhaps, it could result in cancelling the order. Hence, VA experts recommend catering a suitable deadline for writers separately.

“Remember to forward a paper with a deadline that almost saves you 40% of client set date”, says Stephen Flower-Chief, an Editor.

For example, if a client requires a task in 5 days, ask your VA writer to provide it in 3 days.

5- Constant follow-ups:

Taking a follow-up is also an essential approach. Ask the writer about the progress of the task twice before the given deadline. If necessary take a few drafts for the assigned order. If the writing instructions are tricky or lengthy, you may also ask for an outline. Get the blueprint approved by the client, and it will reduce the chances of revision or cancelling. Hence, it will result in improved profitability.

6- Complete QA & revert for revisions:

For a better success rate, it is crucial to check the completed task before sending it to the client. Dealer must self-check it, and if there is amendment required, always ask your VA to do it. In this way, your VA understands your mind and never do the same mistake again. This practice will also lead to the increment of favourable outcomes like an increase in customers. But self-checking of every written material is hectic itself. For this same reason, I myself utilise some online tools which save out my maximum time to examine for quality.

  • How to Manage a VA Writer to Achieve Maximum Output 5Minor mistakes in grammar, typos, and spelling can be checked using Ginger
  • Word limitations can be controlled using the tool WordCountJet and proper references can be generated using AccurateCite
  • Ensuring concepts of a written piece is time taking task. Usually, I do it myself but if I have a tough schedule I give it for proof-reading to AustralianMaster or CrowdWriter
  • For guidance on writing styles and to reduce research time, I send Guide2Write and WritingOcean resources to VA. These both are huge databases of links to helpful sources.

Examples of Entrepreneurs Who Lifted Their Profit by Managing VAs

1- Mike del Ponte – Founder & CEO of Soma Water

“Our virtual agent is an essential component of our team. Once our plan was ready, we took assistance of our VA to make the deal successful. Our VA remains a best team player and delivers their maximum just like our other team mates have done.”

2- Rebekah Iliff – Chief Strategy Officer at AirPR

“I am pleased with Kyle, my VA. He is complete helper for a busy “poverty elite” businesswomen like me.”

3- Tim & Pang Chang – Growing Family; Mayfield Fund

“Our VA was very dedicated that she asks us daily that what work she can do for us. She was awesome and has an experience on how to deal with on-going clients. Also she handles new customers for our three brands with a pretty better achievement rate.”

Author Bio: Stella Lincoln is a writing consultant who manages writing supervision on a team of authors. She also contributes to Academist Help and Educator House occasionally. She deals with several VA writers if there is demand from a firm. She loves to share her views and experiences with others.

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