Is an associate agreement different to your terms of business?

If you are new to contracts and business it is easy to get confused.

“Hi, I’m looking for an associate agreement – which one should I use?”

This is something we often get asked.

The contracts you give to customers are called terms of business (sometimes you talk about t&cs).  These are the ones you use when someone is paying you.

They are different from the contracts you give to your associates.



If you had a larger business you would not give the same contracts to your clients as you give to your employees

You won’t be using the same contract for your own clients and associates either.

KoffeeKlatch associate contracts are called hiring or booking contracts/agreements. 

  • Use these when YOU are paying someone to do something for you (or your client). 
  • Use terms of business when your CLIENT is paying you.

Our terms of business and associate agreements are designed to help you get your ducks in a row!

Is an associate agreement different to your terms of business? 1
Queue the ducks!

Designed to help you get your ducks in a row!

Use both to seamlessly pass on data processing and security instructions from your client to your associate (without disclosing what you are charging your client).

And protect your business so your associate will find it hard to cut you out (we know they try sometimes).

We make sure you own the copyright you are selling to your end client. And we set you up with a comprehensive agreement your associate will understand and like.

Book your associate again simply by issuing the appropriate Booking and Data Processing forms.

If your associate is not in the UK we can take care of data security and GDPR across borders too if you chose the global option.

VA and Trainer global agreements only.

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