PR outsourcing – Meet the Outsourcers: Claire Walker

What do successful PR outsourcers do to make it work?

PR is one of many industries that has changed rapidly – not just in terms of what PR agencies currently offer, but also in terms of how freelancers and outsourced workers are used.

In this insightful video interview, Claire Walker, CEO of multi-national PR company, Firefly Communications, shares her insights and top tips on what it takes to make her team work.

It’s always good to hear from people who are really doing it and Claire’s top tips on time and organisation may come as a surprise.

This video is just under 22 minutes long.  Just the right length for a coffee break.

You don’t have to be in PR to find this useful

If you are serious about building a freelance team that is fit for purpose, it will be well worth investing your time to sit down and view this video.

When freelancers and independent workers are at the heart of your customer service strategy you can gain flexibility and resources you wouldn’t otherwise have had.

But if you don’t have a suitable plan you can find your people melting away just as you really need them.

If you want freelancers and independent workers to be an effective part of your business then it is going to take time and a plan.

So what are Claire Walker’s tips …

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This interview is the first in a series of ‘Meet the Outsourcers’ interviews designed to explore how various organisations – from the smallest to the largest – plan and manage their freelance teams.

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