Online course creation – 5 ways VA can help

Are you providing online courses as well as ‘in the room’

There are so many pieces you need to fit together to create, sell, and administer an online course. From choosing the right platform to making sure your programme stands out as the one your customers really need to choose. You need a VA to help you create your online course (and market it too)

You are entering an online world where the look and feel of your logo, your landing pages, your downloads and videos are as important as the valuable content you are offering.

Attention spans are short in the online world and people don’t want to work through long pages of handouts or listen to long presentations anymore.

Yet creating and editing the content you need can be exhausting before you even get to how it looks and feels.

What can a VA do to help with your online course?

VA helping with online course creation

Your VA is already familiar with working and communicating in the Virtual World (s)he and is no stranger to making all the elements fit together. There are specialist graphic designer, branding, document creation, web designer and writing VAs, who go way beyond the traditional idea of ‘admin support’ that VAs were once associated with.

There are a whole variety of ways your VA can help speed you on your way to online course creation.

Here are 5 things to get you started

  1. Does your brand look good online? Your branding and graphic design VA can help fresh your branding and update your logo so it all looks good online. Selling directly to your delegates needs a different approach to selling to corporates and your look should aim to attract the right delegates to your programme.
  2. Do you have a  great looking download? You are going to need to think about marketing your online course and a great looking and useful download is a great ‘lead magnet’ to help grow your list. Your document design needs to make your content accessible and still present you as a professional. Your document VA can do that (and save you hours of fiddling about with document settings so you can just create the raw information you want to share)
  3. Do you have an email list of people who are waiting for you to launch your online course? Making emails look and sound good (and go out at the best possible time) is a bit of a dark art if this is not what you normally do. A VA can get all of that set up for you (and connected to your download) so you can start building your list even before you are ready to launch.
  4. Are you planning to create videos? Many VAs are great at basic video editing. They don’t do all the tips and tricks you get will a full-scale video editor – but they can provide what you want for basic editing at a fraction of the cost.  There is nothing more frustrating than editing your own video when you have a lot more content to record.
  5. How do you handle data privacy in your online course? From marketing to post-course delegate follow up you need to make sure you are complying with data privacy rules. A good VA can help you set everything up properly.

There are so many ways a VA can help manage your diary and keep you focussed while you create that all-important content. And if your VA can’t do everything you need to be done – a professional VA will find someone who can and offer you an associate to complete the work or refer you to someone who can.

Getting the right legal contract for your online course is also important

Setting the right tone with your delegates and making the arrangements clear help to create a happy and productive group of customers. It’s not good giving them something in Latin, or something written by American lawyers that you copied from a big player’s website. We all need clear and simple agreements that our customers can understand. You don’t want to let all that effort you put into crafting your course go to waste when people become customers.

Your VA won’t be able to right the legal stuff for you but they can refer you to someone who can.

If you just want to download something that works check out our specially designed contracts just for you. Part of a family of contracts supporting you the way you work today. You can find more information by clicking here: contract for online programmes.

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