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The gig economy wouldn't work without VAs

Working with VAs is fabulous.  Seeing so many motivated and capable business owners stepping out in the world is always a thrill.

But if you want to survive and thrive in the gig economy you have to know get ahead.

Your delegates need to know the legal and technical side of contracting with clients and maintaining confidentiality.   It can all sound a bit dull - but I promise you they won't be bored.

Annabel came to speak at our Northern VA Collaboration event ...... brilliant. ....really did hit home about the importance of subcontracting properly to not only maximise the earning potential open to each VA but to ensure that our clients needs are fully catered for.

Angela Dawson 
Northern VA Collaboration 

A VAs guide to  GDPR - data change

​Virtual Assistants are concerned  about Data Protection changes coming in with GDPR in May 2018.

VAs have to get the management of their own data right under the new regulations, but also handle clients data and work with associates.

For the first time VAs can be fined for mishandling client data.​

Annabel's entertaining GDPR talk is full of useful tips and hints for VAs.  She has even been  known to take some rubber ducks with her to stop it driving everyone quackers.

Despite her humour she has a great technical understanding of how to make cumbersome rules work in the real world and works with VAs daily to make it clear.

Your VAs will learn​

  • How to make an early start to make it easier later on
  • How to manage and control their own business information
  • How to work with clients data
  • How to work with associates and still keep data and information secure

Create a VA business on your terms

Virtual Assistants don't start with a working understanding how how business contracts work.

By the time they've been in business a while their knowledge has been hard won with lost money and difficult clients having been their teacher.

VAs can make life so much easier for themselves.

Annabel's razor sharp wit and storytelling delivers a talk is full of tips and information to show VAs how to give themselves a financial and legal edge using the right business contracts.

Behind the humour are almost 40 years of making and creating contracts (and deals) that work for both parties that both can understand.

Your VAs will learn​

  • What they must put into their contracts.
  • What you can't change despite what your contract says
  • What you can change
  • How to make your business more profitable and secure with contracts

 Is your VA baggage  holding you down?

Virtual Assistants and their clients don't always get along perfectly - sssh.  

We all carry a bag full of assumptions around with us about how our clients and associates will behave.  Yet they do something entirely different!

Unpack your bag to see what's in it (and what's in everyone else's).​

Annabel's story telling takes you on a business journey and invites you to unpack your bag and examine how much of it is in your clients bag and who should be carrying it (if at all).

Her wry look at how we mess up when we communicate has great learning from decades of running her own business with her own tricky clients.

Your VAs will learn​

  • How travelling light can make you more agile
  • Which business tools you need for a long business journey
  • Why clients don't get it
  • How you can use onboarding to create some shared expectations

Available as a conference section, a workshop or breakout event, a short introduction at VA networks or a group webinar.​