Should you be worried or thrilled if your VA is using AI?

Should you be worried or thrilled if your VA is using AI? 1

Have you thought about how your VA is using AI?

Here at KoffeeKlatch we are all in favour of anything that makes you or your business more efficient. Having a tech savvy VA using AI to support you can be a great idea.

And as self employed business owners it is largely up to them which tools and platforms they use.

But there is a dark side to AI and a few problem areas that you and your contracts need to take care of.

Who owns the copyright?

If your VA creates something for you themselves then the copyright in that content is usually theirs (even though you paid for it). 

Copyright only transfers to you if you contract for it to do so. This is why KoffeeKlatch VA hiring contracts sort that out for you

The problem is that when a VA uses AI to create that content, they may not own it and thus not be able to transfer it to you.

For some types of content you may be find with that. But where you are building a brand or a business for sale discovering you don’t own the rights in your content can be an expensive shock.

This depends in great part on the terms and conditions of the programme. Many assign the VA a right to use provided they credit the AI as the content creator.

Others assign a right to non commercial use only. That is absolutely useless if you are a business owner!

And if your VA is putting your unique commercially sensitive content into AI to have it rewritten or put into blog posts, some AIs will be using that content and sharing it in other people’s drafts!

And you really do need to make sure that personal data from your prospects, clients, team and suppliers is not being put into AI programs you don’t know about.

Your contracts and processes need to be AI ready now

With more mainstream programmes providing AI assisted elements every day, you need to get your contracts and systems in line for the AI world – even if you think your VA is not using AI at the moment. 

KoffeeKlatch Virtual Assistant contracts are AI ready

We don’t mean you should run our contracts through an AI editor – that would be a breach of our contract with you!

But we have updated the VA hiring contracts you use co contract with your VA  (VA hiring) to give you:

Transparency make sure your VA doesn’t put the wrong data into the wrong programme

Clarity be clear with your VA when you need to know or consent before they use AI

Privacy be clear about which programmes can be used by whom and what can go into them

If you are a KoffeeKlatch customer within your support period these got dropped into your documents in the Zone – you don’t need to repurchase.

VA Hiring Packshot


Not just documents but a whole learning and support system

Your purchase comes with access to a full set of videos explaining how to complete and use your documents and access to our customer support group on Facebook which is full of videos and posts designed to help you build and grow your business PLUS access to exclusive customer only live events where you can ask questions and learn more about the things that trouble you.

You can use the documents as often as you like within in your business. 

Why not get with the programme today?

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