Small Business GDPR

You've heard about GDPR. You're perhaps wondering if your small business is affected by GDPR, and if it is what happens next? 

This page will help you put your mind to rest about some of the big questions you have about GDPR.

At the end of it, if you'd like to work with us, just select your industry or niche and you can get started right away. 

Are your GDPR ducks in a row?

Does my small business "have" to comply with GDPR?

What if my small business doesn't collect GDPR related data?

I've heard the fines are huge if I don't comply with GDPR

What does GDPR compliance look like?

How is GDPR an opportunity?

Do I have to change supliers?

Will I get the contracts I need to be compliant?

Will you give me GDPR Templates?

As you can see there's a lot to think about..

You've probably heard all the scary stories around GDPR in fact, you may be wondering how you're going to audit your content, gain consent (and even know what consent is in some cases). You will be wondering if you can still use email marketing and what to do with your current email lists - are they compliant? Could they be compliant with GDPR? And if they're not, what do you do with them?

What do you need to get your Small Business on the right track?

You need the KoffeeKlatch GDPR Small Business Pack. As a business veteran of 38 years, let me tell you not everything is plain sailing in business when it comes to new laws. You need support and guidelines to protect your business, your personal boundaries and to keep everything running smoothly.

There's a lot that you're expected to know, but the good news is KoffeeKlatch will help you with this. You're not going drown in a sea of legal documentation, and you'll find your clients love this aspect of your small business. In fact, many small business owners find that the correct contracts help them grow their business and keep them GDPR compliant

Become a member of the most supportive GDPR group

You will join us and other  small business owners  to go through a supportive collaborative process that will work for you.
We are not here to frighten you.  Our group works together to help you get ready for GDPR in a way that is appropriate to how you work as a small business owners.  You'll love our groups of industry related business owners that work together collaboratively.

What does GDPR support for Small Business Owners cover?

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Smart small Business Owners love the amount of time saved and the lack of confusion around GDPR and Data Protection.

  • A simple structured audit of the data you hold (what is data anyway)?
  • How to secure data, how to share it appropriately and securely
  • How to handle consent (when the final details are published)
  • What your responsibilities are as a business owner
    how you handle your own data
  • Help your clients get ready too
  • Where your data is located - do you know where your software keeps it?
  • How this affects the way you set up webinars (free and paid)
  • What this does to your lead magnet sequence
    where consent and double opt-ins are vital?
  • How this affects online groups and membership clubs.
  • How you handle clients' data (and the clients!)
  • And more as our group ask questions and move towards GDPR

The best time to start preparing to become GDPR compliant was 2 years ago. The next best time is now!



KoffeeKlatch create superb agreements and contracts for online business owners. This is because they also are an online business. They get the subtle nuances of online, and understand the language perfectly and say eloquently what needs to be said - firmly and fairly. I highly recommend you get your online contracts here. 

Sarah Arrow - Leads / Launch / Leverage