Small Business Saturday

What can you do to help small businesses?

Small business saturday is coming round again and it has never been more important to support our small businesses.

Unlike the multi-nationals, we pay taxes in the UK, do our shopping in the UK, vote in the UK. We send our kids to school here, look after our elderly parents here and do what we can to support our local community too.

None of us want a world where every high street is exactly the same, with every shop owned by a corporation sending their profits offshore and paying no tax here.

A key way to avoid that future is to support the amazing small business sector we have here in the UK.  

Don’t forget how many small businesses have online options too.

Small business saturday doesn't have to cost money

Small Business Saturday

It is easy to think this is just about shopping on your local high street, but there is a lot more we can do to help.

If you provide services for small businesses you can help a lot. Here are our top tips.

  1. Promote your client’s small business. Why not feature their goods and services in your social media campaigns using the hashtags: #smallbusinesssaturday #ShopSmall #supportsmallbusiness #smallbusinesssaturday2022

  2. Share in your newsletter. Feature your clients’ offers in your next newsletter.

  3. Testimonials. Do a genuine testimonial for a small business you have purchased from. Give yourself a target – say 5, to get you going.

  4. Share testimonials everywhere. Put a genuine testimonial on their Facebook page, their LinkedIn profile and put a review on their website. (the backlinks will be good for your SEO too if you use your business details).
  5. Check small businesses first. If you are purchasing anything for you or your business check out small business suppliers first. The best deals are not always from the biggest advertisers and you will often be pleasantly surprised by prices and quality of service.

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If you are also a KoffeeKlatch customer – please don’t forget us on #smallbusinesssaturday. 


If you add in #koffeeklatch and let us know what you are promoting we’ll be happy to help you too.

small business saturday - share the love

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