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Do your Social Media contracts protect your business and help you grow?

Those who manage or support their clients with social media are neither general Marketing Managers nor Virtual Assistants. 

You should not have to struggle to make other industry contracts adapt to the way you work.  And now you don’t have to!

There’s a lot that you’re expected to know from GDPR and NDAs to IR35 and tax, along with all those algorthms, pixels and tags.    The constant changes can make you feel completely overwhelmed and it is easy to stop growing your business when you don’t know how to handle it all.

The good news is KoffeeKlatch will help you with this.  By special demand from the Social Media Manager specialists we know and love we have created these for you.

Your Social Media Manager contracts come with a minimum of 6 months support (more if purchase a level beyond basic). Updates are dropped into your folder as the law changes at no extra charge.  Regular webinars (at child friendly times)  and group chats keep you up to speed so you don’t have to worry or spend hours trying to work out what is going on and it will affect you.

Created for the online way you work today by people who understand the ‘gig’ economy with all its advantages and hidden dangers.

Our Social Media Manager contracts, policies and packages start £45 +VAT for individual purchase.

Save time, create profitability and set boundaries.

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What our customers say...

Social Media Terms of Business

This Social Media contract is the one you issue to your clients.

Designed to handle the variety of ways a Social Media Manager works and charges charges, from the retainer to hourly rate or project, with options for core hours, out of hours, rates uplifts for specific work .  Handles, GDPR, NDAs, copyright, IP, tax and more.

  • Choose Social Media Manager if you do planning and strategy
  • Choose Social Media Support if you do posting and scheduling
  • or both if you do both.

Included in the Social Media Terms of Business:

  1. Booking Form (Choose between Marketing, Scheduling or both)
  2. Data Processing Form
  3. Terms of Business
  4. 6 months+ group support depending on the level you purchase
  5. Onboarding videos explaining how to use

Social Media Hiring Agreement

Hiring a social media manager or associate to support your business?

 You need to make sure you have clear policies and procedures in place. From GDPR to copyright and non compete clauses and NDAs, our Hiring Agreement is designed to keep you and your business covered! 

Included in the Global Social Media Hiring Agreement:

  1. Booking Form (Choose between Marketing, Scheduling or both)
  2. Data Processing Form
  3. Hiring Agreement
  4. Sample Security Instructions
  5. Social Media Rules – bonus inclusion
  6. 6 months+ group support depending on the level you purchase
  7. Onboarding videos explaining how to use

Business Policies

It’s time to make sure your business is compliant and legally stress-free with our comprehensive business policy pack.

This set of short, simple policies is designed to get you started. No lengthy HR waffle, no complications and designed to work with our agreements and contracts – or to stand alongside your own, if you already have agreements in place.

Included in the Policy Starter Pack:

  1. Data Privacy Policy
  2. Data Retention Policy
  3. Health and Safety Policy (Under 5 Staff)
  4. Equality Policy
  5. Social Media Rules
  6. Social Media Rules for Professionals
  7. Cookie Policy Guidance Worksheet
  8.  Group support and updates, live webinars

Social Media Business Pack

The ultimate business bundle for your Social Media business!

Choose more than one item and get your multi buy discount automatically as you add to the cart.

Included in the bundle:

  1. Social Media Manager Terms of Business Pack
  2. Social Media Hiring Agreement Pack
  3. Policy Starter Pack
  4. GDPR for Digital VIPS Support -online training and policies with support
  5.  Group support and updates, live webinars

Plus, FREE 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Contracting With Your Client

Save 20% compared to the cost of buying the items individually.

GDPR Compliance

Looking to work towards GDPR compliance within your business? Struggling to keep up-to-date or figure out what you actually need to do (and what you don’t).?

Join the most supportive and comprehensive GDPR community. This programme is designed to help you comply with GDPR in an easy, supportive and practical way and includes a one year membership to the following:

  • Coaching and support on Data Protection
  • Access to our new dedicated training zone
  • Access to a private Facebook group for your industry
  • Step-by-step course to take you through the process
  • Get to grips with the changes Brexit will bring
  • Video training, checklists, planners, live webinars
  • Full GDPR compliance and support

Looking for Global Contracts?

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