Want to spend less time firefighting? – Try this!

Want to spend less time firefighting? – Try this! 1

You’ve been in business for a few years.

You know how to find your market and deliver a service.

You’ve done your share of firefighting in your time.

It can be tough to make sure your team delivers what clients need.

It can feel as if you are paying them but doing all the work yourself! Things aren’t delivered on time. Assignments need to be re-done. You are picking up costs you weren’t expecting.

And it is you  – the Boss – who is working late to make sure the clients are satisfied.

All that stress eats into your personal and family time

Want to spend less time firefighting? – Try this! 3

If you are also working with friends and family it can get really out of hand.

You don’t have a safe place to recover from it all.

You get hit from every side with problems and needs.

You need to be properly supported so you can get back to what you are really good at – and find some time for yourself. Yet the deadlines and conflict at work seem to suck up more and more of your energy.

You are not alone.

The people we work with all need a safe place to start.

You don’t need to change everything. Just changing the right thing can make all the difference.

Get some clarity into your business relationships today.

Download our free guide to Working with Friends and Family.

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