Privacy Policy

We monitor the volume of visitors to our website, how you found us, what web page you were on before arriving at our site and which pages you view when visiting our site. We do not harvest or collect email addresses from website visitors. If you don’t contact us, we don’t have your details.

If you contact us and ask us to send you details a download, subscribe to a review, or purchase a product or service we will put your details on our sales and marketing database. If you asked to be subscribed to a particular newsletter or sequence of updates (or subscribe yourself) you will be added to that list.   We operate ‘double opt-in’ lists and you will need to reconfirm your subscription before anything is sent.   Any automated email sent to you will have an unsubscribe option on it that can be triggered at any time.

We use automations not only to send you information you have indicated you want, but also to send you products you have bought and to administer services you have subscribed too.

We do monitor who reads our mailing and automations,  how many times, and which links you choose to use and read. We use this information to increase the newsletter’s level of interest, and help us improve our targeting of information and services. You can remove your information from this monitoring by disabling cookies on your website browser before opening the newsletter. From time to time we do contact individual email newsletter subscribers.

We do not sell or exchange the data we hold with any other organisation, nor are we planning to do so.    If at any point we decided to exchange lists with another organisation, we would ask you to ‘opt-in’ to such a system. Our continuing silence means we are not doing so.

We do use this data from time to time to target advertising campaigns based on profiling the sort of person who wants to receive information from us.  We ask our own sales and marketing people (both internal and external) to contact potential clients from time to time.
All client-specific information/advice is held in the strictest confidence. Our team are all contracted to strict confidentiality clauses.  We only use mainstream software and we use the most secure log in options available to us.   We restrict who can export or download data that is held on our records, to a limited number of individuals who are authorised to back up data.

Our services are designed to be business to business and we do not collect individual data unless you offer us a personal email or home address when contacting us.   We are not a hard sell or cold calling based organisation but prefer to build long term relationships with satisfied and relaxed clients.