An invitation to work together to help your clients

You are a professional VA and we know you are conscientious and want do the best you can for your clients.

You are already using our contracts and working with us on GDPR.

Would you like to help your clients sort out GDPR and contracting with other suppliers)?

It can be difficult giving legal advice to your clients.   They respect your professional expertise, but it is not an area they look to you to fulfil.   And your professional indemnity insurance probably won’t cover you if you do.

Limited edition  affiliate scheme 

Helping you help to help your clients

supporting growing businesses since 1980

We’d like to offer you the opportunity to earn money by supporting your clients.    You will get:

  1. A commission on GDPR support and contracts
  2. The opportunity to do the GDPR basic work for your client using the KoffeeKlatch method​

Our affiliate scheme is not for everyone.  This is not open to any VA who is not using KoffeeKlatch contracts and has gone a significant way through the VA GDPR process.

How do your clients benefit? 

Your clients will benefit from

  1. Having a fabulous VA to support them and get them ready for GDPR (and more)
  2. Membership of the outsourced business owners GDPR group to support them and give them the concepts they need to work alongside you.​ (if they purchase this option)
  3. Membership of the KoffeeKlatch customers group if they purchase a contract
  4. A discount on KoffeeKlatch services since they are your valued client
  5. Peace of mind from knowing they are ably supported by you and the KoffeeKlatch team as they grow their business.


Please register using the form on the right hand side (below if you are on a mobile)

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Registering does not oblige either of us to proceed it just gets us started.  All affiliates are accepted on the basis of our affiliate terms with individual percentages confirmed.