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Generate your own passive income

By 2030 50% of UK workers will be freelancers - our affiliates are helping support them

Would you like to be an Affiliate?

Are you looking for a way to increase the support you offer and get a contribution to the cost of running your organisation?

Are you a coach or trainer helping people into self-employment or with business growth?

Our affiliate scheme could be right for you.

Helping you help to help people who need contracts and support

Supporting trade associations, groups, coaches and micropreneurs since 1980

This scheme works on the basis of a commission for you and/or a discount for your members.  

Our affiliate scheme is not for everyone.  We go through a careful process of mutual selection to make sure that we are compatible and that our offer is really going to be valued by your members.  This is not a get rich quick scheme.  We look for long term partnerships where we can both develop and tailor our offering to produce the maximum support.

What’s the deal?

We have three levels.

1.  Basic affiliate:

     We have a budget of 10% that you can use to suit you.  You can:

  • Offer a discount to your referrals and receive no commission
  • Split the commission/discount within the 10% budget (you tell us what suits)
  • Receive a 10% commission
  • Choose store credit to offset future KoffeeKlatch purchases, or be paid via paypal
    You choose what suits you

2.  Coaching/association affiliate:


We have a budget of 20% that you can use to suit you.  You can:

  • Offer a discount to your referrals and receive no commission
  • Split the commission/discount within the 20% budget (you tell us what suits)
  • Receive a 20% commission
  • Use 100% coupons to include our contracts in your course and be invoiced monthly
    You choose what suits you


3.  Branded

Same commission arrangement as Coaching/association but we can brand the documents your way and create dedicated landing pages for the items you wish to include in your programme.

Subject to small minimum prepaid quantities for initial order to cover set up costs.

Is this for large organisations or small ones?

We love to support large and small organisations.

Many of our customers volunteer to become affiliates as they like what we do.
Many coaches offer our contracts as part of their development programmes.
If you run a support group or meet up for service sector entrepreneurs or workers this is for you.

If you are a professional body or trade association this is for you.


How do your people benefit?

They will benefit from

  • Understanding how to create businesses using GDPR  ready contracts
  • Understanding how Brexit affects the service sector
  • Great reusable GDPR and Brexit ready agreements for using with their team that help avoid problems
  • Understanding how changes to IR35 affect them
  • Understanding how changes to workers rights affect freelancers
  • Facebook group support in our lively customer forums
  • Dedicated GDPR groups for those that need it
  • Webinars and Lives that focus on their real needs
  • True peace of mind from learning how to improve profitability and reduce stress by getting their legal ducks in a row.c

How do you benefit?

You will be able to

  • Include our documents in your training programmes and support – no need to worry about sourcing material or keeping it up to date
  • Refer your people to a safe place for them to learn where they won’t be intimidated by legal goobledegook – no need to calm them down when they need support
  • Help create a contractual system that supports their business model – successful people will always refer you
  • Arrange for KoffeeKlatch speakers to attend your events both on and off line to help build your community’s knowledge – click here for some ideas
  • Help your people not just comply but also fly
  • Generate a passive income from your affiliate sales
  • Access friendly training and support


Please register using the following form.

Registering does not oblige either of us to proceed it just gets us started. All affiliates are accepted on the basis of our affiliate terms with individual percentages confirmed.