Become an affiliate and earn £££

Is this you?

As a responsible coach, mentor, adviser, trainer or group leader, you want to be sure your clients, delegates or group are sorted out legally. But it’s a complex and specialist area. 

That’s where you can depend on KoffeeKlatch expertise

Becoming a KoffeeKlatch affiliate helps your connections to comply with legal issues such as Brexit, IR35 and GDPR, eases working relationships, and protects their business.

All you have to do is set up your affiliate links for the products you’d like to recommend to the people you know.

As a thank you, we’ll reward you for every product they buy from us.

If you’d like to recommend our products to an individual rather than a group, please go to refer a friend >

Choose your affiliate reward

You can choose between:

20% commission paid direct to you
20% discounts on KoffeeKlatch products for you to pass on to your contacts
Any combination of commission and discounts that totals 20%

Is our affiliate scheme right for you?

Our affiliate scheme is ideal if you have regular access to a community of people who may need KoffeeKlatch contracts and support. The best fit is when you work with people who deliver their services online, whether they deal with customers or suppliers in the UK or globally.

Our most popular groups include VAs, social media managers, and coaches.

However, it’s worth applying whatever type of connections you have, and we’ll let you know if our affiliate scheme will work for you.

What’s in it for you?

We help ensure your connections have the proper legal protections in place (while you’ll get the credit and can focus on your core business without having to learn about law).

You’ll have access to our entire range of contracts so it saves you time shopping around to find the right ones to recommend.

Having been drafted by a barrister and checked with people in each relevant industry, you can be confident that our contracts are legally sound while making complete business sense. What’s more, everything is explained in plain English so we don’t confuse anyone with legalese.

Our contracts are always kept up to date with the latest legislative changes and anyone who buys them benefits from our ongoing support.

Once your connections have signed up, we look after them so you don’t even have to think about it!

Helping you to sell more

We’ll give you everything you need to succeed as  KoffeeKlatch affiliate over the long term. For example, we’ll provide you with:

"I find KoffeeKlatch contracts so easy to understand and have had such a good experience since purchasing mine. My clients need various contracts too. Being an Affiliate is a good opportunity to join the team."

Rachel Chick

Including KoffeeKlatch contracts in your courses, programmes or coaching?

Want to give your trainees our contracts as part of the service you deliver? We can make that happen.

Once you’ve been accepted as an affiliate and have set up your GoCardless mandate (we’ll explain that at the appropriate time), you can arrange 100% off coupons for your trainees. Using coupons means we can track your downloads and then invoice you at the end of each month (less commission you’ve earned on any additional products that your people have bought at full price).

What's Next?

We are selective about who we accept as an affiliate because we like to make sure it’s right for us and for you.

To apply to join us as a professional affiliate, please fill in the Affiliate Registration Form below. We’ll review your application manually, and let you know if / when it’s approved.

We’re specialists in contract law, so, as you can imagine, we’ve set up Terms & Conditions that cover our affiliate scheme. You can read Affiliate T&Cs here >