How to include branded documents in your programme

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Want to add whitelabelled contracts to your programme?

Did you know you can include our documents in your programme? We give you a 100% off coupon to give to your people, so they go through our cart which is then offset against your initial invoice through us.

Your coupons can be tied into one or more items in the range that works for your people. These sales go through our cart in the normal way so that we can update contracts, support members in the normal KoffeeKlatch way. 

Here's what's included:
  • All contracts within your chosen selection will be branded with your logo instead of the standard KoffeeKlatch branding.
  • A custom landing page branded with your colours, logo and URL to act as a ‘shop front’ for your referrals. This will allow you to promote the contracts with your brand at the forefront and provide your customers with an easy purchasing experience.
  • Additional products showcased on your landing page for you to receive commission on if your referral chooses to purchase at full price.

There is a minimum initial invoice to you of 10 x whatever you have chosen at the appropriate rate/level less any multi buys and commissions.

Your first 10 coupon sales against the item will be offset against the initial invoice (provided they occur within 12 months from the date of the initial invoice). So this is a prepayment, not a set up cost. 

If you add more branded items it will be on the same basis.

If you want to do this, please complete the following steps:

It is a condition of both schemes that our month end invoices are paid through GoGardless. If your GoCardless authorisation lapses your coupons may be deactivated.

We send the invoice a few days before we take payment so you can check the invoice.

Browse the item(s) you want to include in your programme.   

Here are some of our most popular ranges that will give you some ideas. 

Please make sure you choose specific items eg VA terms of business, or Global VA terms of business. 

Select the levels you want to include.   

Here is more information about what is included in each level (opens in new window):

When including more than one item, you have the additional option of creating a custom multi-buy bundle and will also receive an additional discount of:

  • 10% on whitelabelled packs containing two items and;
  • 20% on whitelabelled packs containing three items or more. 

These will be reflected in the nominal pack price displayed on the page.  When your people put their 100% off coupon in the cart they will see you have paid this for them. 

Decide what you want us to use as your 100% coupon/discount code. 

Note: We have found it is much easier when the code is three or four letters – people struggle to correctly type long combinations in at the cart stage and it is easier all round if we keep it simple. 

You can also feature KoffeeKlatch branded items that are not included in your 100% off coupon and you will get your normal commission allocated to your affiliate account in the normal way.

The customer will pay for those items going through the cart. 

So that we can create the branded elements and landing page, you need to supply us with the following:

  • A high-quality logo in either PNG or JPG format – we will likely need to resize this to fit within our contracts so please make sure the file isn’t pixelated.
  • HEX codes of your colour palette. We ask for the specific HEX codes instead of just ‘red’, ‘blue’ etc as we need to know the specific colour of your brand. If you are not sure what these are, you can use an online colour picker to pull this from an image here: https://imagecolorpicker.com/en/ – If you do not have any specific brand colours, let us know in the form below and we will use a neutral palette.

Complete the following form:

This helps us to identify which items you want included, at what level as well as the coupon code you are wanting created. This will give us both a handy record of what we have agreed to do so you can plan your finances when you get your sales.

Once this is done we can connect your 100% off coupons to your affiliate account.

Each form submission is for ONE coupon and the bundled products under it. For additional bundles/coupons, please complete a new submission.

Want to discuss further?

If you are having trouble deciding which items to include we’d love to chat. It’s a bit hectic at the moment so it may take a while (sometimes a couple of weeks) Please use this link to book a time that suits you.

If you are within a month of launch date please contact lucy.messaritis@irenicon.co.uk and let her know you need an earlier appointment We will do our best to sort things out for you.