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Are you paying freelancers or sub-contractors?

  • Have you got a contract with your regular freelancer?
  • Or did you copy someone's contract and issue that?
  • Are you confident your contracts are up to date?
  • Do your staff and your freelancers understand them?
help with freelancer contracts

You could be in trouble

You could be building up workers' rights, with holiday and minimum wage problems.  You could even have an employee, and problems with back PAYE and more. 

It's not quite a simple as telling everyone they're self-employed - ask Uber

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Claim your free contract review

If you have got a contract with the freelancers you pay - it really is time to review it.  We'd be happy to offer you a free review from one of our HR and legal experts.
No fuss, no drama, just a sensible look at whether there's anything you need to do.

Nothing in writing?

Start protecting your business today from as little as £40+VAT

KoffeeKlatch contracts give you

  • the correct documentation to protect your business
  • a team of advisors with decades of experience in helping small businesses
  • reusable contracts you can use as often as you like

You want to protect your business not just hope 

KoffeeKlatch  - more than a document

-  a whole way of  managing freelancers

     - save time

     - save money

     - reduce worry

Included with your freelance agreement 

  • Membership of our Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support
  • A full agreement that covers all the basics that you and your freelancer need to create a REAL relationship that works
  • Booking form, for use with specific projects
It covered all the things I needed to protect my data and my business. From confidentiality to data protection and tax it set out everything we needed to discuss and agree. Plus it was really simple to use. I just added in the key words and the contract did all the rest. No expensive lawyer fees involved. It was easy to understand and I felt comfortable issuing it. And I can use it again for my next VA.
Heather Townsend 
Professional Speaker/Coach

Need to brand it, edit it, or have it all your own way? 

Most people are happy with our agreements as they are. But you can have a 'brand it to match my business' option. And if you need something different, there is an editable option, or a full customisation option. These give you supported editing with a legal expert, so you can be sure that the changes you want really do reflect what's best for your business.

These documents are for use in your own business and not for resale or use elsewhere.

If you are not sure which one you need or need something that you can't see 

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