Affiliate Agreement

Affiliate Agreement

For your growing online business – makes managing affiliates easier when you have a clear agreement.

Included in the Affiliate Agreement:

  1. Affiliate Agreement Terms

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Frequently bought together:
1 × Referral Agreement
£10.00£80.00 plus VAT
£100.00 plus VAT

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Did you know every affiliate agreement template is not the same?

Some are so awful to read that no-one can understand them.   Some are so unfriendly I’d want to quit your affiliate scheme before I got started.   Others are just randomly thrown together from bits and pieces online.   That hardly does you and your brand justice.

Are your affiliate terms helping you build a strong affiliate base?

Your growing online business needs affiliate terms that are: –

  • easy to understand
  • set out clearly who needs to do what to make it work
  • reflects how you use affiliate schemes to support your brand and reach your market
  • ready for GDPR data protection changes
  • can work with how you need to handle invoices and payments
  • integrate with how your scheme is going to work
  • handle the legal and tax side without waffle or too much legal jargon

This affiliate agreement template is for your 21st-century business.  No quill pens or weird legal language that no-one can understand.

It comes with 6-18 months of support in our Facebook support group too.   That’s enough to get you through all the basic things that affiliates can do (and not do)!.

This will save time and anxiety and set you free to do what you do best – grow your business.

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