Bookkeeper Terms of Business | Addon

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Bookkeeper Terms of Business | Addon

£10.00£160.00 plus VAT

This is an addon product to work alongside Virtual Assistant Terms of Business and is only available to those who have previously purchased an option within this.

Addons are condensed versions of our contracts that contain just the Booking Form and Data Processing form and is specifically for tasks that need their own workflow and data privacy system. They are designed to work with your existing terms or hiring agreement and are not designed to work on their own.

Included in the Social Media Scheduling Terms of Business | Addon:

  1. Booking Form
  2. Data Processing Form
  3. 6 months+ group support depending on the level you purchase
  4. Onboarding videos explaining how to use

Not sure which level you need? Compare contract options here

You can always purchase a lower level and upgrade later during your support period – you won’t lose the money you paid.

£160.00 plus VAT

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For Bookkeeper VAs who do bookkeeping  and finance

Your existing VA terms are designed to support your general VA work.  But if you are a specialist VA Bookkeeper you really need your paperwork and data processing and onboarding to focus on the type of work you do.

This add-on pack is designed to work with your existing KoffeeKlatch VA terms of business and is available to existing customers only who have purchased VA terms of business at the same level within the support period.

Focus on Finance

Focussing on Finance platforms and finance administration you would have to go through the more general onboarding AND this takes on board the Money Laundering and ID requirements that apply to this aspect of your business.

Use these documents when starting bookkeeping and finance administration projects.

This item does not include additional Facebook support – your support period will run in line with your original VA contract purchase.

Plus – Add your logo to make it feel more like you

Included in the Bookkeeper VA add on:

  • Bookkeeper Booking Form
  • Bookkeeper Data Processing Form

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