Coaching Terms of Business

Coaching Terms of Business

Included in the Business Coaching Terms of Business:

  1. Coaching Booking Form
  2. Coaching Terms of Business
  3. Coaching Data Processing Form
  4. Group Rules

Included in the Individual Coaching Terms of Business:

  1. Coaching Booking Form
  2. Coaching Terms of Business


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£45.00£250.00 plus VAT


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Are you great at coaching but struggling more on the business side?

A successful coaching business needs you to support your clients but also run an efficient ‘back office’ ensuring you get paid, keep the rights to your material and handle all sorts of things from data protection and GDPR to copyright and payment terms.

Whether you work online or in the room, you can quickly find yourself puzzling over what to do about clients who don’t show up or organisations with teams they want you to support who are going to be asking you about confidentiality and data security.

Your coaching terms of business are designed to help you do just that. There are two variations depending on who is paying for your coaching.

  • Choose the business option if an organisation is paying for the coaching (for teams or the boss)
  • Choose the individual option if the person you are coaching is paying you themselves.


Your terms are designed to get you paid, help you comply with GDPR, and create a supportive and business-like relationship with your client that involves you getting paid.

It’s not easy switching from supportive to business-like – but with the right documents and onboarding and contracting process, you will find it so much easier to focus on the business side when you have to and then get on with what you do best.

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