Data Privacy GDPR online group cohort entrepreneurs and small business owners

Data Privacy GDPR online group cohort entrepreneurs and small business owners

£750.00 plus VAT

This GDPR online group cohort is a 12 week programme.

Jo Brianti, our qualified DPO will lead you through 12 basic data privacy modules with weekly group live get togethers so that you can really get your data privacy organised and done.

This practical ‘see one, do one’ programme is designed so that you learn and do the work as you go through each module.   We know you don’t have time to go on a course and come back with a big list of things to do.

If you’ve even been on a data privacy course and come back confused, it is because many courses are aimed at bigger businesses with specialist departments that take care of things for you.  But this course is delivered in plain no nonsense English so you can do what is needed without giving yourself unnecessary headaches and complications.

The 12 weeks course includes access to our one year online GDPR programme  (sold separately for £150 plus VAT) and includes all the documentation a small business would normally need to sort out data privacy and compliance.

Instead of becoming dependent on jargon filled experts, this programme will let you take control of your data privacy so you can do it yourself, or make sure the people you pay are doing it properly.  No more blind trust or worrying!

You will get:

  • Access to an online course, giving you week-by-week steps
  • Access to a dedicated Linked-In group for your  cohort so you can work together as a group
  • Membership of an appropriate  Facebook group for your industry once your cohort has finished its live elements
  • 12 down-to-earth modules to help you get your data privacy up to date
    • Week 1 Intro session – jargon, business types, documentation, processes, data types
      Week 2 Data lifecycles and governance
      Week 3 Guided inventory session and Q&A
      Week 4 Special category data
      Week 5 Data security
      Week 6 Understanding cloud computing – locations
      Week 7 International data transfers
      Week 8 Teams and people
      Week 9 Data Sharing
      Week 10 Website compliance: cookies, Ltd vs sole trader
      Week 11 Risks, Risk Management and Data Processing Impact Assessment (DPIA)
      Week 12 Data Retention

Your programme will include a fully editable data privacy policy waiting for you to take control of once you know what you store, plus risk assessment, audit trails and more.    All written in plain english.

Why worry about getting around to data privacy when you can get it done without fuss?

If you’d like to organise more than one person from your organisation to join us, please contact us for multi-buy discount codes. (

Step-by-Step Course

With access to our dedicated KoffeeKlatch Training Zone, GDPR has never been simpler!

Our insightful, step-by-step course is designed to help you hit the ground running and leave you ready to implement the processes within your business.

Coaching & Support

With you every step of the way is our supportive group of GDPR experts, tech specialists, trainers and other industry peers.


With our private Facebook group for industry specific GDPR groups, you have a community at your fingertips!

Understand Your Data

Designed for the way you work with data in your own business and the data you handle for clients.

Constant Updates

Guaranteed updates when new legislation is released. Helping you to grips with the changes that Brexit will bring.

Policies & Documents

Policies and documents that both you and your customers can understand and implement within your business.

Videos & Live Webinars

Videos, live webinars and audio downloads to help you work through the course materials at your own pace.

Practical & Hands On

A practical and hands-on approach to remove the headache and leave you feeling accomplished.

Be Compliant

Designed to help you learn the ins and outs of your business and its data and guide you towards compliance.

Clear & Concise Material

This is not about creating a data privacy policy or rushing through and grabbing a few documents to update your website. Instead, we have created a clear and concise programme to guide you through the process of compliance.

No more boring and academic lectures – we prefer a practical and hands-on approach that doesn’t leave you with a big headache and todo list at the end.

The whole point is to help you comply without making you cry.

Join the One of a Kind Community TODAY!

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