In the Room Delegate Terms

In the Room Delegate Terms

£250.00 plus VAT

Are you selling your programme to delegates? This hybrid contract is for you if you are charging per head for people to join your programme.  Whether you do this on your website and landing pages, through EventBrite and other third party platforms, you need a set of terms that take on board the hybrid delivery methods you use today.  And let’s not forget that things can change unexpectedly and you may have to switch location, or delivery method online:
  • Payment terms
  • Cancellation terms
  • Online and in the room recording
  • Confidentiality
  • Changes of venue
  • Content rights
  • Confidentiality
  • GDPR data privacy
  • Group rules to keep you all safe
And a lot more. Everything you need to step out in confidence and book your events back in the room! These terms were written by our legal and business team and checked with online trainers who are returning to deliver in the room.   Designed to give you what you need in a way that your clients can understand.

These terms were written by our legal and business team and checked with online trainers who are returning to deliver in the room.   Designed to give you what you need in a way that your clients can understand.

Included in the pack:

  1. Delegate Terms (to put on your website and elsewhere)
  2. Landing Page Checklist
  3. Group Rules Including health and safety, covid, bullying)
  4. BONUS: Mini IR35 Course

Currently available at a premium level only.

Your documents are fully editable.  They come with three privately supported changes, and 18 months group support.  You can add an optional power hour if you want us to help you adapt them or change them.

Have a Question?

What do the levels mean?
Your documents and support options are explained here >

Which level should I choose?
If in doubt choose a lower level. You can upgrade later to a higher level to extend your support period or get more flexibility on where you can edit your documents

What do I get in the support period?
You get access to unlimited support in the KoffeeKlatch Facebook customer group.

You get access to updates and additional material at no additional charge during your support period

You get access to our growing library of support material in the ‘KoffeeKlatch zone’ designed to help you manage clients comfortably using your legal documents as a positive tool.

Who writes these documents?
These documents are written by our team of business and legal experts and then reviewed by key customers to check they reflect the way you work today.

Are all the levels editable?
The Booking and Data Processing forms are designed to help you collect and gather the information that is unique to your contract with your client.

The main agreement can be modified by using the appropriate forms in the Booking form.

If you have an established business model and want to edit the main agreement, or add it in html format to your website, you will need to purchase or upgrade to Premium level.

Why do you lock down the other levels?
Most legal templates are sold without support and advice being included. If you go to a legal team for advice it will cost you hundreds of pounds. We are able to include advice within your purchase by having a streamlined document system where we know what terms you are on and where to find any changes you have made. Without that, we could not offer advice and support. People come for the contracts but stay for the training, advice and support. Few people go into business understanding all the issues your contracts cover – and the law itself changes regularly. By having a standardised format, we can easily update you on what has changed, train you, advise you, and prepare the help you need within the group – all at a price few legal teams could offer.

Will my documents make me compliant?
Your documents will help you comply with your legal obligations (and give yourself some extra protection and advantages too). They are designed to go along side good practise and an understanding of your rights and obligations. If you do not work in accordance with the options set out on the documents, or make changes to the documents that reduce your rights or increase your obligations, you will not be compliant.

Why can’t I remove the KoffeeKlatch copyright claim from my documents?
Our documents remain our copyright. We assign to you a right to use them in accordance with our terms. The copyright claim is there to alert other people who may think of using them that they need to contact us before using our copyright material.

What is the difference between Global and UK options?
If both you and your client are in the UK, the UK version is fine. You can add in what you need for Scotland or NI. If either of you is not in the UK you need the global version. See here for more information >

Can I get phone or private support?
Your purchase does not include one to one support, but there is an option to purchase one to one support if you decide you need it. Find out more here >

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Get in the Room Presenter terms (for when you charge by session not per person) and GDPR for Coaches and Trainers (which includes a data privacy policy) to get your business ready for handling delegate data from clients, GDPR and protect your business
£150.00 plus VAT
£250.00 plus VAT

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