GDPR Data Privacy Policy

GDPR Data Privacy Policy
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Included in the GDPR Privacy Policy:
  1. Data Privacy Policy
  2. Step-by-step Mini Course (Includes Cookie and Data Retention guidance)
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These GDPR Policy Packs are designed to work with the GDPR Support Groups. Join your industry GDPR Support Group and discover on how this works with consent,  when you need it and information on when you don’t. You’ll find that doing your data retention work and your “cookies” work is so much easier with this additional GDPR Policy pack! This pack includes template GDPR policy with completable form, data retention guidance (to help you complete that part) and cookie guidance (to help you complete your cookie element). Remember, if you’re an expert, or already knee-deep in GDPR that our Standard and Premium GDPR Policy Packs are more suited to your needs.