GDPR for Financial Experts

GDPR for Financial Experts
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Are you are a financial consultant, IFA, accountant, or other professional that helps individuals become wealthier?  Looking to work towards GDPR compliance within your business or struggling to keep up-to-date with all the updated legislation? Join the most supportive GDPR for Financial Experts community. This programme is designed to help you comply with GDPR in an easy, supportive and practical way and includes a one year membership to the following:
  • Access to our new dedicated training zone
  • Access to a private Facebook group for your industry
  • Step-by-step course to take you through the process
  • Video training, checklists, planners, live webinars (at family-friendly hours)
  • Full GDPR compliance audit support so you can create:
    • Privacy Policies exclusive for VAs (because one size does not fit all)
    • Data Retention Policies
    • And more as GDPR information is released (like the cookie policy)
If you need your VA to help you, we have a special VA chair waiting for you so your VA can do some of the ground work for you and come back to you to make the key decisions. Speak with us today to find out more.
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Information coming soon

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Are you are a financial consultant, IFA, accountant, or other professional that helps individuals become wealthier?  This group will help you get straight on how to market a business and handle personal data.

If you are a VA supporting a financial expert, please join our VA Group.  If are a marketing support specialist you will like our Digital VIP group.

You will join us and other financial experts to go through a supportive collaborative process that can work for you.

  • A simple, structured audit of the data you hold (what is data anyway)?
  • How to secure data, how to share it appropriately and securely
  • How to handle consent around your business finances
  • What your responsibilities around money laundering
  • Where your data is located – do you know where your software keeps it? You outsource across the world and you need to know how this impacts you.
  • How this affects how you collect and use client data – you handle financial data – this is highly sensitive
  • And more as our Financial Expert group ask questions and move towards GDPR

We are not here to frighten you.  Our group works together to help you get ready for GDPR in a way that is appropriate to how you work as a financial expert.   This is hardly the sort of thing you want to deal with – so bring your financial mind to a more creative approach.   You will find a lot of your friends are already there.

One year’s membership of our GDPR Facebook group with your checklists, video training, live webinars and your policy documents – supported by GDPR experts and other VAs.