GDPR for Art Dealers

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GDPR and Art Dealers – This support group will help you manage GDPR for your business and incorporates exhibitions and events. You'll love how easy GDPR becomes for you.

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Become an early adopter and join our new  Art Dealers VIP group.

You will join us and other Art Dealers and galleries to go through a supportive collaborative process to get you ready for GDPR including:.

  • a simple structured audit of the data you hold in your business
  • what is data anyway?
  • how to secure your data properly
  • how to share it appropriately and securely
  • how to handle consent (when the final details are published)
  • what your responsibilities are as an art dealer
  • how you handle your data
  • where your data is located – do you know where your software keeps it?
  • how this affects the way you set up events and exhibitions
  • where consent and double opt-ins are vital
  • how this affects  dealing with artists information
  • how this impacts on dealing with your team
  • and more as our group ask questions and move towards GDPR

We are not here to frighten you.  Our group works together to help you get ready for GDPR in a way that is appropriate to how you work as an art dealer.

One year’s membership of our GDPR Facebook group – supported by GDPR experts and other Art Dealers.

All the members in the GDPR will help create a template that fits with their business so they can use in line with the audit we are producing. You’ll love how GDPR is an opportunity for your business to grow. Reserve your place in the group now.


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