GDPR for Virtual Assistants

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Join the most supportive GDPR for Virtual Assistants community.  One year’s membership of our GDPR Facebook group – supported by GDPR experts and other VAs. You’ll love that this is more than just a checklist and a policy – but the way you can fully become GDPR compliant in your business!

  • Video training, checklists, planners, live webinars (at family-friendly hours)
  • Full GDPR compliance audit support so you can create:
  • Privacy Policies exclusive for VAs (because one size does not fit all)
  • Data Retention Policies
  • And more as GDPR information is released (like the cookie policy)
  • All training, checklists and documents are held on Facebook for your convenience
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Don’t get bamboozled by GDPR and get buried alive in documentation and policies that are not appropriate for your business.

Why not get yourself a whole year’s support in our dedicated GDPR group for VAs.

You don’t do exactly what other VAs do.  The Virtual Administration Profession contains a wide range of skills, tasks, business models and approaches.  Your niche, your practise (whether solo or with associates) and your customers all have a way of doing things.  There is no one size fits all.

We encourage you to get a real understanding of how tDPR affects your business, rather than try to impose a standard set of documentation on all businesses regardless.   When you take out the gobbledegook it is really not that hard.  A lot of people have a genious for confusing things.

If you are worried you should have done this earlier – don’t be self concscious new VAs are joining us all the time, and VAs who have gone through the GDPR process with us are joining us for a second  year as an easy way to keep up changes and sort out the weird and wonderful things that clients can throw at us.

Our goal is to see you set up with something that is easy for you to work with in your business rather than something that you keep having to breach in order to get the job done.

We are not focussed on tick box compliance or generating a lot of documents .   We want to help you get  really clear on GDPR so you can intelligently create (with help) what works for you.

Join the KoffeeKlatch team and other VAs to go through a supportive collaborative process that can work for you.

  • Data Privacy Policy specific for VAs
  • A simple structured audit of the data you hold
  • How to secure data, how to share it appropriately and securely
  • How to handle consent (when the final details are published)
  • What your responsibilities are as a business owner
    how you handle your own data
  • Help your clients get ready too
  • Where your data is located – do you know where your software keeps it?
  • How you handle clients’ data (and the clients!)
  • How to work with associates in a GDPR compliant way
  • Data Retention Policy that your clients will understand
  • A cookie policy method that won’t drive you crazy
  • And more as our group ask questions and move towards GDPR

We’re not here to frighten you. Our simple checklists and videos enable you to work at your own pace, in a way that is appropriate to how you work as a VA.   You’ll love how you create the policies that work for your VA business. You will find a lot of your VA friends are already here and getting great results

One year’s membership of our GDPR Facebook group with your checklists, video training, live webinars and your policy documents – supported by GDPR experts and other VAs.


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